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"Thoughts and Talks Podcast"(ThAt!)- is a candid approach to topics, people and events. Nothing is off limits, we take the sinners with the saints.


  • THAT! EP14

    THAT! EP14

    28/05/2017 Duration: 01h51min

    A LITTLE BIT OF THIS, A WHOLE LET MORE OF THAT. LELO - WHY? OH WHY CAN WE NOT DRIVE OUT HERE, LEARN HOW TO SPEAK TO ME NICE SIR, I'M A LADY MOTHFUKA WHY KC LIVING IN RAINBOW AND SPARKLES WHILE I CAN't SLEEP. KC - Lelo needs some milk The billboards music awards was dope, but do you know why. Drake got these ladies moist, are you a member of the Beehive cause Nicki is playing. KC - admits his thing for Rita ORA @ITSDJDEEM on the MIX breaks MIC Tells us what it means to be a Brooklyn MIC BLAQUE - YOU CAN'T BOX ME ***ICE BREAKERS** WHO WE SMASHING AND THE ORDER KC - WE FUCKING TONIGHT? LISA BONET AND THE UNDER ARM HAIR LEELAY LONG - ON THE SIDE LINES TRINA AND RKELLY PEEING ON PEOPLE. FACK ASSES IS LIKE HORROR FILMS MIC BLAQUAE - multi-media company "RESPECT THE COOL" is popping ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD... SO HIP-HOP is all black music as a whole, and we misplacing emerging styles. KC - Kanye West 2020 it official, YEEZY changed the world. WANNA KNOW MORE LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, HATE IF YOU W

  • ThAt! Ep4

    ThAt! Ep4

    12/03/2017 Duration: 54min

    THaT! podcast EP4 On this episode we talk about, How far is too far with spirituality? The Jewish underground and herpes, dealing with children and mental disorders. What are you eating and did you know. More Trump tweets, and more trumps tweets. Looking at your person flaws critically, to becoming a better person. Does Music change the way we think and move in our daily lives. And Lastly big-ups to BIGGIESMALLS this week.