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  • The Scoop on Kirstie Alleys Organic Liaison

    The Scoop on Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison

    24/03/2013 Duration: 32min

     Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD is the Health Director for  The Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison weight loss program which is said to be a fun and engaging weight and diet solution. They offer a 30-day kit designed to help you achieve your goals: Rescue Me works to reduce cravings for sugars and carbs; Release Me is a calcium/magnesium mineral beverage mix; and Nightingale offers sleep support. The program's philosophy is explained in a support book, which also offers calorie counts, recipes, and daily journal sheets. Listen in, as Deborah gives us the real scoop on Organic Liaison which helps you take a realistic approach. They say if you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results... you be the judge. Learn more at: Subscribe to our e-Newsletter at: Thanks for listening! 

  • How to Detox the Body Properly Natrually w. Dr Carlos Viana

    How to Detox the Body Properly Natrually w. Dr Carlos Viana

    30/05/2012 Duration: 30min

    Dr. Carlos Viana on Bio-Compatible Medicine. Are you looking for a more natural approach to healing? One that is geared to you, your needs and your life? Dr. Carlos Viana's new book, Prescriptions From Paradise: Introduction to Bio-compatible Medicine.His book is a unique approach to health that uses one's own specific biology rather than a standardized list of drugs, foods, supplements, activities, or procedures developed in a "one size fits all" mentality.Carlos M. Viana is an Oriental Medical Doctor, Certified Addictionologist, Certified Colon Hydro Therapist, member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, as well as a board-certified Clinical Nutritionist in the United States. In addition, he is the founder and medical director of the Viana Healing Center in Aruba.Get great updates and healthy living support when you sign up for Healthtopia Radio's monthly eNewsletter at  

  • French Paradox: Enjoy food and stay thin w. Sally Asher

    French Paradox: Enjoy food and stay thin w. Sally Asher

    23/05/2012 Duration: 28min

    Sally Asher is a health scientist, weight loss coach and Francophile who has been featured in several radio shows, blogs and magazines. She wrote LOSING IT IN FRANCE: Les Secrets of the French Diet to share her story and help others discover the secret to living the good life whilelosing weight naturally. After four years living the sweet life inParis, Sally now resides in Melbourne, Australia with herhusband and two children.  Through her online weight loss coaching, she personally helps people from  all overthe world to lose weight eating like the French. Sign up for the Healthtopia Radio e-Newsletter and get updates on more great shows like this one! Connect with host, Bonnie Mechelle at  

  • Bringing Attention To All of The Birth Options

    Bringing Attention To All of The Birth Options

    09/05/2012 Duration: 35min

    Bonnie Mechelle discussed the documentary film, The Business of Being Born, with the film’s director, Abbie Epstein on the HealthTopia Radio show. Ricki Lake (who has a new tv show coming out in the fall 2012) was the 2008 film’s executive producer.  Through this film, Lake wanted to share the life changing experience of giving birth to her baby at home in the bathtub of her New York City apartment, but she also wanted to bring attention to all of the birth options that women have available to them today in the United States.The popular film, which is available in DVD and can be seen on Netflix, has spawned several additional projects including a book, Your Best Birth, and a four DVD film series called, More of the Business of Being Born.To learn more about birth options visit their online community: And sign up for Bonnie Mechelle's f r e e motivational e-newletter at Thanks!

  • Holistic Health and Healing with Cee Cee Michaela Floyd

    Holistic Health and Healing with Cee Cee Michaela Floyd

    02/05/2012 Duration: 29min

     Natural Health Coach, Cee Cee Michaela Floyd is probably BEST known for her character of (Yvonne), the police officer and William's Fiancée, on the UPN hit comedy "GIRLFRIENDS", executive produced by Kelsey Grammer. She also played the role of (SIMONE) in the movie, "HAIRSHOW", starring along with Mo'Nique executive produced by Magic Johnson and has been seen on TBN's "PRAISE THE LORD"on numerous occasions. Join us for life changing healthy lifestyle tips that can improve your energy levels, diminish illness and take your confidence to the next level. ABOUT HEALTHTOPIA rADIO: Healthtopia Radio airs @ 6:30pm EST in Atlanta on WAEC 860 AM plus anytime online on iTunes and Blogtalk. Learn more about Healthtopia Radio and new sponsorship opportunities at