Gospel Defenders Podcast



We equip Christians to defend the faith against those who would oppose the Gospel of Christ, not only from outside the Church, but from those who claim to be inside the Church and argue against the sufficiency of Christ alone.


  • Episode 14

    Episode 14


    In this episode we cover misunderstandings of the Great Commission, Witnessing among Pagan belief systems, voodoo, Yoga, and some good jokes.

  • Episode 13

    Episode 13


    How can we know that the Bible has not been changed over the past few thousand years? This episode talks about the history of the Biblical canon, and how the Bible came to be the 66 books that we have now.

  • Episode 12 - One Year Birthday

    Episode 12 - One Year Birthday


    Episode 12 celebrates the One Year Anniversary of Gospel Defenders! Our special guest is Wrestling legend and Evangelist George South. Our main theme for this episode is evangelism.

  • Episode 10 - Christmas, Translations, Andy Stanley Conclusion

    Episode 10 - Christmas, Translations, Andy Stanley Conclusion


    In this episode, we talk about fond Christmas memories, if Bible translations are inspired, and then conclude our analysis of Andy Stanley's sermon, "The Bible Told Me So."

  • Mini-Episode 9.38 - Are Christmas Trees Monuments of Idolatry??

    Mini-Episode 9.38 - Are Christmas Trees Monuments of Idolatry??


    THANKSGIVING MINI-EPISODE! - 5 Weird Things We are Thankful For - Bella Witnessing to a Jewish Friend - Gavin Witnessing on Playstation! - We affirm against the Papists! - Origins of Christmas, and Christmas Trees.

  • Episode 9 - Andy Stanley part 2 - Sola Scriptura

    Episode 9 - Andy Stanley part 2 - Sola Scriptura


    We continue reviewing Andy Stanley's Sermon "The Bible Told Me So," discussing the differences between a post-modern worldview towards the Gospel and a worldview that is based on God's Revelation in His Word.

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 8.1

    Gospel Defenders Episode 8.1


    In this episode, we begin reviewing the sermon from Andy Stanley in which he denies the sufficiency of the scriptures as the foundation of the Christian faith.

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 7

    Gospel Defenders Episode 7


    In Episode 7, we review Kenneth Copeland, play games with Joel Osteen, and tackle the man-made doctrine of being bound to the law.

  • Gospel Defenders 6

    Gospel Defenders 6


    In this episode we discuss favorite worship bands, and talk about witnessing to Muslims using the Qur'an to demonstrate the plausibility of the Trinity and the Incarnation. This is a must listen!

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 5

    Gospel Defenders Episode 5


    In Episode 5, we talk about the historic doctrine of Eternal Security. Some think that we cannot be for sure of our salvation, but we will examine what the scripture saying about knowing what we hope for.

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 4

    Gospel Defenders Episode 4


    In this episode we review the theology of Steve Harvey, and then we tackle the historic problem of evil.

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 3

    Gospel Defenders Episode 3


    In this episode, we talk about defending the Gospel to a Jehovah's Witness. We examine the major difference between other religions which are focused on the works of man, and Christianity which is focused on the work of Christ.

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 2

    Gospel Defenders Episode 2


    In this episode, we talk about some upcoming events, some funny Christmas impressions, and then we get serious about the top 10 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled from the Old Testament.

  • Gospel Defenders Episode 1

    Gospel Defenders Episode 1


    Gospel Defenders Episode 1 - This episode we cover what the Christian objective should be in celebrating Christmas looking at such traditions as Santa, Elf on the Shelf, and our approach to giving presents.