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  • PSG - 06 - Finally the Crew is not Sick!

    PSG - 06 - Finally the Crew is not Sick!

    09/09/2016 Duration: 47min

    Hey everyone! Its been a while I know I apologize but finally Johnny Utah and I Syniax have come back to bless you with more of our randomness called gaming. We've been in and out of certain games and decided to cover a bit of whats been missed out on. Some Like No Man's Sky some don't! Find out who didn't take to it...Stay Tune!

  • PSG - 05 - No Mans Sky and Critics ruining movies?

    PSG - 05 - No Man's Sky and Critics ruining movies?

    04/08/2016 Duration: 01h55min

    This time we talk about critics and how they rule the world and possibly ruin movies that might actually have a fighting chance in america vs overseas. No Man's Sky is also a topic with everything from 1300 dollars down and the same guy completed the game in 30 hours! Also more Pokemon Go news.... because you know... Pokemon!