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  • Episode 3 - Political Action with Phil R.

    Episode 3 - Political Action with Phil R.

    28/02/2017 Duration: 36min

    Episode #: S01E03 Episode Name: Episode 3 - Political Actions Segments: Intros - Welcome to Political Twist -- a podcast that aims to help social progressives take action against the Trump administration. And finding humor and solace in an absurd world. It’s February 25, 2017 - with Larry Ganzman and Tobi Elkin Happy Thoughts: (Typically non-political but not necessarily). Larry: TRAPPIST-1 Discovery of 7 exoplanets “just” 39 light years away! (https://goo.gl/YqKcVM) Tobi: NYT insert about “Truth” came in the 2/25 paper. “Truth. It’s more important now than ever.” When you open the broadside, the Times talks about “The truth is hard” etc. Guest: Philip Rosenstein, creator of http://whitehousepressbriefings.com/ and Editor Marketing Politics Daily, and columnist “Red, White & Blog” for MediaPost. He’s been covering inside the Beltway for a few years, and started the blog several years ago as a side project. Guess who’s calling in? - President Trump reviews: 89th Academy Awards coming up on Sunday 26th

  • Episode 2 - Poetry is a Political Act

    Episode 2 - Poetry is a Political Act

    15/02/2017 Duration: 32min

    Episode #: S01E02 Episode Name: Poetry Is a Political Act Segments: Intros - 2/12/2017 Welcome to Political Twist -- a podcast helping social progressives take action against Trump Good news and happy thoughts: Sally: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/archaeologists-discover-ancient-mosaic-with-message-be-cheerful-enjoy-your-life-a6998346.html also here: https://www.facebook.com/GreekGateway/ Tobi: “Kedi”: doc about the street cats of Istanbul - http://www.metro.us/entertainment/review-kedi-is-the-turkish-cat-documentary-that-will-save-us-all/zsJqbf---P5xfFVu6llxvM/ Larry: ACLU support button - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuGpu9VNVRw A Bigger World: Tobi interviews Phil and Sally re: poetry is a political act. Sally’s poems Phillip J. Ammonds, a Brooklyn native, is a founding member of the writing collective Writeous, with whom he has co-produced three chapbooks. Phillip curates Rainbows Across the Diaspora, the queer text reading series at Dixon Place in New York City. His work has appea

  • Pilot


    08/02/2017 Duration: 33min

    Our Pilot episode. Enjoy! Welcome to Political Twist -- a podcast helping social progressives take action against Trump With Sally O’Dowd, Larry Ganzman, and Tobi Elkin -- and we’ll be offering our takes on recent events, chatting with guests, and each other News brief - some of topical and political news review, US and global Seattle Judge bans travel ban! SNL - Trump Calls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZOF9q5fzfs Yemeni bodega owners protesting ACLU benefit - sketch comedy, $10K raised! SNL - Melissa McArthy as Shaun Spicer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWuc18xISwI Some more happy thoughts - National Prayer breakfast Arnold’s response: https://twitter.com/Schwarzenegger/status/827169996866347008 Politics in the senate...zzzzz… How we all can help and act! Get informed and participate!