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VIVID is an fortnightly podcast where, I, Sam Harkin, talk about the hidden and the not so hidden gems of gaming, film, TV and such. Video versions of the podcast can be found here:


  • >20: Babys First War Crimes

    >20: Baby's First War Crimes

    24/09/2017 Duration: 29min

    Come on kids let's murder people for fun =========FEATURED REVIEWS========= REVIEW #1: {MARIO + RABBIDS: KINGDOM BATTLE} Video Review: Game Link: REVIEW #2: {THERE CAME AN ECHO} Video Review: Game Link: ----------------------What I did---------------------- VidCon Australia - Neo Yokio - Project Octopath Traveller - ----------------------News---------------------- Dropmix is being released! Upcoming Battleborn Update will be its last - ///Discussion: Are Lootboxes Gambling? Discussed by RESET PODCAST ///Discussion: Campo Santo DMCA's Pewdiepie. Is that OK?

  • >19: My Fist Your Face: The Love Story

    >19: My Fist Your Face: The Love Story

    11/09/2017 Duration: 23min

    It's still a better love story than Twilight. Will Super Blood Hockey be full of ooey gooey love goo? Will Absolver absolve me of the sin of loving it so much? Will the things I'm excited for RELEASE ALREADY JEEZ. =========FEATURED REVIEWS========= REVIEW #1: {SUPER BLOOD HOCKEY} Video Review: Written Review {coming soon --…c59cc68625b3a15d9} Game Link: REVIEW #2: {ABSOLVER} Video Review: --- Written Review {coming soon --…c59cc68625b3a15d9} Game Link: ----------------------What I did---------------------- Death Note - The Adventure Zone - Vidcon - ----------------------News---------------------- Elongated Man Cast for Flash Season 4 - ///Pax West Golf Story will release in September - Hot Lava looks cool - Battle Chef Briga

  • >18: Secret Illuminati Fan Club

    >18: Secret Illuminati Fan Club

    26/08/2017 Duration: 23min

    Get your tin foil hats ready folks, as we go underground in the secret societies of video gaming! Don't tell anyone dig? Can Lady Layton stump up some brain teaser gold? Is Yesterday just a big satanic mess? And is Microsoft just trying to fail at this point? Tune in and all will be revealed! =========FEATURED REVIEWS========= REVIEW #1: {LADY LAYTON} Video Review: Written Review {coming soon --…c59cc68625b3a15d9} Game Link: REVIEW #2: {YESTERDAY} Video Review: Written Review {coming soon --…c59cc68625b3a15d9} Game Link: ----------------------Preshow---------------------- Super Hype! Train - Dropmix Episode - Harmonix Twitch - Watch The Inconsolables live Sunday August 27, 2:00pm AEST ----------------------What I did---------------------- Rick and

  • >17: Deep Cuts

    >17: Deep Cuts

    13/08/2017 Duration: 34min

    Today we dive into the depths of indie development. Resynth is a highly praised Aussie Indie title, that racked up some nominations for its lovely design. But does it worth its prestige? ABZU may be the wetter version of Journey, but does that just leave everything watered down? =========FEATURED REVIEWS========= REVIEW #1: Resynth Video Review: Written Review {coming soon --} Game Link: REVIEW #2: ABZU Video Review: Written Review - {coming soon} Link to game - ----------------------Preshow---------------------- RESET Podcast - >>SH!T Episodes - Life is Strange: Before The Storm - - Golf Story - - Dropmix – {Goes Live August 21} (I know I forgot to add it in audio, but I am adjusting the podcast schedu

  • ITS HAPPENING - Good Game Show #1

    IT'S HAPPENING - Good Game Show #1

    30/07/2017 Duration: 52min

    IT'S HAPPENING - Good Game Show #1 by Sam Harkin

  • Good Game Show Theme

    Good Game Show Theme

    14/07/2017 Duration: 36s

    Good Game Show Theme by Sam Harkin