Killin Time With Nate N Dayt Podcast



we are a newly develpoed podcast in which we discuss fantasy football, trending topics, and our own stories, mixed in with some jokes and laughter to kill time.


  • Fantasy Podcast Week 16!

    Fantasy Podcast Week 16!

    19/12/2014 Duration: 36min

    last week of regular season

  • Fantasy Podcast Week 14

    Fantasy Podcast Week 14

    06/12/2014 Duration: 26min

    ITS WEEK 14 and things are shaking up a bit

  • Ramble On

    Ramble On

    05/12/2014 Duration: 29min

    another everyday decision

  • Zombies!!!


    01/12/2014 Duration: 01h07min

    rundown of a few different scenarios we could be put through if shit hit the fan

  • Fantasy Podcast Week 12 Ft: T Steven

    Fantasy Podcast Week 12 Ft: T &Steven

    23/11/2014 Duration: 46min

    we discuss our week to week fantasy line up with friends

  • Nates Pending conflict

    Nates Pending conflict

    22/11/2014 Duration: 16min

    find out about one of nates struggles in life

  • Fantasy week 11

    Fantasy week 11

    15/11/2014 Duration: 33min

    week 11 fantasy line up with some shenanigans

  • Fantasy Podcast Week 10

    Fantasy Podcast Week 10

    06/11/2014 Duration: 36min

    week 10 line ups coming off of a 218 point draft.

  • Hunger games, hunting, and more

    Hunger games, hunting, and more

    01/11/2014 Duration: 21min

    just killing time

  • Fantasy line ups week 9

    Fantasy line ups week 9

    01/11/2014 Duration: 32min

    fantasy podcast episode 2