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  • Seeing Ahead (Audio)

    Seeing Ahead (Audio)


    Message on the importance of vision and seeing ahead in a journey of life.

  • Overcoming Setback (Audio)

    Overcoming Setback (Audio)


    Teaching on the importance of advancing through setbacks

  • Adapting to Change (Audio)

    Adapting to Change (Audio)


    Message on how God uses “CHANGE” to push us toward destiny and purpose.

  • Understanding the Purpose of the Journey (Audio)

    Understanding the Purpose of the Journey (Audio)


    Ending the year with insights on the journey we have endured and where it’s taking us...

  • Tradition of Authentic Worship (Audio)

    Tradition of Authentic Worship (Audio)


    This message concludes the series with a teaching on the fact that Christmas is about the worship of Jesus. Hence, a tradition of authentic worship...

  • Tradition of Contentment (Audio)

    Tradition of Contentment (Audio)


    This message is designed to help believers find contentment in God.

  • Tradition of Reconciliation and Peace (Audio)

    Tradition of Reconciliation and Peace (Audio)


    This message seeks to encourage believers to take the initiative in making peace and fixing broken relationships.

  • Tradition of Sharing Jesus (Audio)

    Tradition of Sharing Jesus (Audio)


    A sermon on prioritizing sharing Jesus during the Christmas season.

  • Legacy of Godliness (Audio)

    Legacy of Godliness (Audio)


    This message explores the forgotten virtue of godliness and the practical ways of attaining it and leave the legacy of godliness for generations to come.

  • Legacy of Love (Audio)

    Legacy of Love (Audio)


    A message on the importance and power of leaving a legacy of love

  • Legacy of Forgiveness (Audio)

    Legacy of Forgiveness (Audio)


    A message on the importance of leaving a legacy of forgiveness.

  • Legacy of Integrity (Audio)

    Legacy of Integrity (Audio)


    Pastor Bailey teaches on the importance of leaving a legacy of integrity.

  • Community Prayer (Audio)

    Community Prayer (Audio)


    Pastor Bailey reveals the power of praying together with other believers.

  • Hindrances to prayer (Audio)

    Hindrances to prayer (Audio)


    This message explains what hinders our prayer from being answered.

  • How to hear Gods voice (Audio)

    How to hear God's voice (Audio)


    Pastor Bailey explains how listening to God in prayer is just as important as talking to God in prayer.

  • When you dont feel like praying, PRAY! (Audio)

    When you don't feel like praying, PRAY! (Audio)


    This sermon explains what to do when you don’t feel like praying.

  • Faithful (Audio)

    Faithful (Audio)


    A sermon on the importance of staying faithful to God in spite of the trials and challenges of life.

  • The Church vs. The Culture (Audio)

    The Church vs. The Culture (Audio)


    This message tackles the issues of the opposition the church is facing in today's culture and ways to overcome it.

  • Why should Christians attend Church? (Audio)

    Why should Christians attend Church? (Audio)


    Pastor Bailey shares biblical reasons why Christians should not see church attendance as an option.

  • Building lasting relationships (Audio)

    Building lasting relationships (Audio)


    Pastor Bailey shares the key principles to building lasting relationships.

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