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Let's Humanize Finance is a podcast that brings to life the backgrounds and stories of the intrepid FinTech entrepreneurs who are changing the face of finance.


  • Lets Humanize Finance - Matt Cohen, Invest Forward

    Let's Humanize Finance - Matt Cohen, Invest Forward

    09/01/2017 Duration: 53min

    Keeping Up with Savings Instead of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Building a Wealth Management Platform for Everyone. Matt Cohen is the Founder and CEO of Invest Forward, an innovative and holistic wealth management solution that aims to help the everyday American manage their entire financial life in a simple, transparent, and low cost way. Matt has been very thoughtful about building out the Invest Forward platform and I’ve never seen him as excited about his work as he has been with Invest Forward. He’s built out a strong set of partnerships and has a good set of investors (including Transamerica Ventures). Matt has a strong background at the intersection of finance, technology, and making an impact. Matt has been a Partner at City Light Capital, a top impact investment VC firm that he helped build from the ground up. He also has finance and startup experience as a banker at Citi and Bear Stearns and was a founding member / VP of Business Development at Netfolio, an early 2000s fintech startup. Americ

  • Lets Humanize Finance - Premal Shah, Kiva

    Let's Humanize Finance - Premal Shah, Kiva

    10/12/2016 Duration: 53min

    From an early employee at PayPal to making philanthropy and giving back a personalized, addictive experience Premal Shah is the Co-Founder and President of Kiva, the early pioneer in online lending through its non-profit crowdfunding platform that has lent to over 2.1 million borrowers with loan dollars in excess of $915 million. Premal co-founded Kiva in 2005, and has worked to promote Kiva's mission and reach more communities around the world for more than a decade. The results have been quite impressive - Kiva's repayment rate has been over 97% on loans disbursed across 82 countries worldwide. Kiva has also created tremendous impact on a group of people who have been subject to a poverty penalty because they are poor. Instead, Kiva's micro-loan platform has provided a hand up rather than a handout and has humanized finance by enabling lenders and borrowers to connect through personalization of the loan process. Premal has been recognized for his work with Kiva. He's been named a Young Global Leader by the