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The Social Hand Grenade Podcast is a comedy show by the 'social hand grenade' himself, Joseph Wilson, where interviews with world class stand up comedians, actors and all sort of life's fire crackers are conducted from the 'brothel'.A show about the artistic process, autobiographical reflections and off-topic discussions.Includes The Morgan Freeman Impression and each guest's Social Hand Grenade Moment.Thank you for listening & most importantly... enjoy!


  • Bernie Sanders Impression

    Bernie Sanders Impression

    27/07/2017 Duration: 46s

    Bernie Sanders Impression by Social Hand Grenade Podcast

  • #51 Seymour Mace Looking at Celebrities Penis

    #51 Seymour Mace "Looking at Celebrities Penis'"

    05/10/2016 Duration: 01h22min

    From the art of clowning in Japan and Portugal helping his stand up, looking celebrities penis' & being stoned for an audition that secured six series of Ideal with Johnny Vegas; surely Seymour Mace is for you if you like alternative comedy? Rate & Review us on Itunes & follow us @SHGPodcast, Facebook: The Social Hand Grenade Podcast with Joseph Wilson & Seymour Mace @seymourmace Intro Song: Molotov Jukebox 'I Need It' Outro Song: Gladys Knight 'The Pips Midnight Train to Georgia'

  • #50 Alan Francis The Marxists Opened the Door to Masturbation

    #50 Alan Francis 'The Marxists Opened the Door to Masturbation'

    25/09/2016 Duration: 01h12min

    Comedian and actor, Alan Francis, shines a light on comedy promoters not paying, being a bass player looking to get laid & Scottish Nicola Sturgeon being hard as nails. Alan has vast knowledge in performing from serious stage roles from London's West End's 'War Horse' to TV comedic roles in Alan Partridge. Also he is a writer for various TV and radio and stage. Listen to the man with the smoothest Scottish voice in town, dissect how performing is like being an builder & then claiming 'The Marxists Opened the Door to Masturbation'. Rate & Review on Itunes, Podbean & Sticher. Follow us @shgpodcast or go to Opening Music: Molotov Jukebox @alanfrancis8