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  • Quick Tip Tuesday: POLARITY

    Quick Tip Tuesday: POLARITY

    23/10/2018 Duration: 16min

    The big light bulb moment that made my drum tracking so much better.

  • EP 11: Guitars Suck... jk jk ...Kinda

    EP 11: Guitars Suck... jk jk ...Kinda

    15/12/2017 Duration: 37min

    We all love our guitars, but lets be honest with ourselves. THESE THINGS ARE TERRIBLE! And thats only made worse when you dont know how to maintain them. I wax poetic on the shortcomings of the 20th century and beyond's favorite instrument. But alas, there is still hope.

  • EP 10 Is The Industry Dead

    EP 10 Is The Industry Dead

    16/10/2017 Duration: 31min

    Back from a long hiatus, I rant after seeing a discouraging post about the state of the music industry...