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The Scooby-Doo Justice Project Podcast is dedicated to the belief that most of the "villains" in the original TV series "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" were actually innocent. We believe that these men weren't just mistakenly accused of their crimes, but were purposely FRAMED.

Now we are convinced it's our job to clear their names.

Follow along as Ralph Cramp and his criminal consultants conduct an ongoing investigation of the 1969-1970 Saturday morning cartoon.

In each episode we examine key elements of the TV show as a whole and offer an alternative analysis of the official crime theory presented in a particular cartoon episode.

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  • The Changing Room

    15/04/2018 Duration: 14min
  • Episode 10 (Part 1) Bedlam in the Big Top

    02/04/2018 Duration: 29min
  • Clown Spying

    18/03/2018 Duration: 09min
  • Episode 9 (Part 2) The Backstage Rage

    25/02/2018 Duration: 25min
  • GoFundMe Campaign Thank You

    11/02/2018 Duration: 05min
  • For Listeners Only: A Personal Message

    04/02/2018 Duration: 07min
  • String Theory

    14/01/2018 Duration: 08min
  • Episode 9 (Part 1) The Backstage Rage

    26/12/2017 Duration: 24min
  • The Alley Behind The Theatre

    29/11/2017 Duration: 09min
  • Episode 8 (Part 2) Foul Play in Funland

    14/11/2017 Duration: 23min
  • This Beach Is Closed!

    27/10/2017 Duration: 08min
  • Episode 8 (Part 1) Foul Play in Funland

    17/10/2017 Duration: 17min
  • People In Perspective - Public Radio Interview

    01/10/2017 Duration: 11min
  • Episode 7 (Part 2) - Never Ape An Ape Man

    25/09/2017 Duration: 20min
  • The Lunenburg Riot

    08/09/2017 Duration: 08min
  • Episode 7 (Part 1) - Never Ape An Ape Man

    01/09/2017 Duration: 22min
  • Renée Alért - Be On The Lookout For This Woman

    19/08/2017 Duration: 09min
  • Episode 6 (Part 2) - What The Hex Going On

    13/08/2017 Duration: 24min
  • Update At The Ravine

    30/07/2017 Duration: 06min
  • Episode 6 (Part 1) - What The Hex Going On

    23/07/2017 Duration: 20min
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