Kids! Whod Have Em?!



A series of podcasts presented by Child and Parent Coach Beth Parmar and Communications guru Paul Ryan. Each episode explores a different challenge faced by parents and offers lots of information, advice and tips to make being a parent easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.


  • Episode 10: Respect

    Episode 10: Respect

    15/11/2017 Duration: 12min

    Episode 10: Respect In this episode we look at ways to encourage your child to show you more respect.  We discuss the pressures of an every changing society and media influences on our children’s behaviour and then outline 6 strategies to help your child show you more respect.

  • Episode 9: Helping Your Child Get Organised

    Episode 9: Helping Your Child Get Organised

    15/11/2017 Duration: 12min

    Episode 9 - Helping Your Child to Get Organised: In this episode we look at the issue of organisation and how you can encourage your child to be more organised.  Whether it’s getting their bag ready for school, putting their clothes away or remembering their homework we discuss 4 ways to encourage your child to become more organised, reducing the need for you to keep nagging or doing things for them that they are capable of doing themselves.

  • Episode 8: Family Values

    Episode 8: Family Values

    15/11/2017 Duration: 10min

    Episode 8 - Values:  In this episode we discover what family values are and how they are important. We discuss different types of family values and how you can come up with your own and implement them to improve the quality of your family life.

  • Episode 7: Unblocking Your Filters

    Episode 7: Unblocking Your Filters

    10/02/2016 Duration: 13min

    Episode 7 - Filters: Understanding the way we are motivated and how our children are motivated can help us to reduce conflict, encourage cooperation, improve communication and strengthen relationships.  We discuss 2 types of filters which are basically how the brain is hard wired. A fascinating concept and massively useful in parenting situations as well as in everyday life and the work setting too.

  • Episode 6: Bullying

    Episode 6: Bullying

    10/02/2016 Duration: 15min

    Episode 6 – Bullying: Bullying is all too common in our children’s lives and there are now lots of ways our children can be bullied. What can we do if we think our child is getting bullied? How can we help our child deal with bullies and effectively bully-proof themselves.

  • Episode 5: Anger

    Episode 5: Anger

    10/02/2016 Duration: 16min

    Episode 5 - Anger: How to handle it when our children get angry. We discuss ways to help our children manage their own anger effectively to reduce flare ups and allowing anger to go too far.

  • Episode 4: The Best Way to Praise your Child

    Episode 4: The Best Way to Praise your Child

    10/02/2016 Duration: 13min

    Episode 4 – Praise: Isn’t all praise good? Shouldn’t we be praising our children as much as possible? We discuss some of the ways that praise can do more harm than good and 7 tips for giving the most useful and motivating praise to our children.

  • Episode 3: Sibling Rivalry

    Episode 3: Sibling Rivalry

    10/02/2016 Duration: 13min

    Episode 3 – Sibling Rivalry: If you’ve got more than one child, you will have experience of some degree of sibling rivalry, arguments and fighting. It’s perfectly natural for siblings to argue, but what is the best way to deal with it and manage disagreements in the right way? We look at some useful tips and strategies to help with this tricky topic.

  • Episode 2: The Snake  The Rabbit

    Episode 2: The Snake & The Rabbit

    10/02/2016 Duration: 16min

    Episode 2 – The Snake and the Rabbit: A strange title, but an extremely useful topic for parents.  In this episode we discuss some basic brain science and how by learning the basics of brain function both in ourselves and in our children, we can change how we react to things and reduce conflict in the home.  

  • Episode 1: Homework Hassles

    Episode 1: Homework Hassles

    10/02/2016 Duration: 17min

    In this episode we discuss some key challenges in getting our children to do their homework.  What can we do to reduce the stress and arguments whenever homework is mentioned? We look at 5 key tips to take the hassle out of homework which are straightforward, practical and easy to implement.