99 Sheep



Lighthearted Christian evangelical messages


  • Episode 15 Passion Week

    Episode 15 Passion Week

    26/03/2017 Duration: 08min

    The sheepies get a condensed description of the week before Jesus was crucified.

  • Episode 14 Fire AWay!

    Episode 14 Fire AWay!

    05/02/2017 Duration: 07min

    Looks like the sheep are partying again.

  • Episode 13 Executive Orders!!

    Episode 13 Executive Orders!!

    05/02/2017 Duration: 09min

    The sheep are nervous and the boys decide to plan a revolution....oh my.

  • Episode 12 Cleaning House

    Episode 12 Cleaning House

    05/02/2017 Duration: 05min

    Boy our new president can sweep away like crazy

  • The Prodical Sheep

    The Prodical Sheep

    19/01/2017 Duration: 08min

    So we have Harry, Jerry and Loco learning that running away is not as fun as they thought.

  • Mrs. Woolafry Sheep

    Mrs. Woolafry Sheep

    12/12/2016 Duration: 07min

    The story of how she kept the baby Jesus warm.

  • Episode 9 Invite a Sheep to Dinner

    Episode 9 Invite a Sheep to Dinner

    18/11/2016 Duration: 08min

    Want to help a friend who is lost right now, that has nothing to feed their family? It's time to find those lost sheep and bring them into the fold.

  • Episode #8 Sheep Communnities

    Episode #8 Sheep Communnities

    31/10/2016 Duration: 07min

    Lean On Me

  • Episode #7

    Episode #7

    17/10/2016 Duration: 06min

    Sheep Leader

  • Episode #6 Let There Be Music

    Episode #6 Let There Be Music

    17/10/2016 Duration: 09min

    Introduction to our opening clip and discussion of bullying and being oppressive. The Lion and The Sheep

  • 99 Sheep Episode #5 Getting To Know You

    99 Sheep Episode #5 Getting To Know You

    08/10/2016 Duration: 08min

    Let's talk about us and how you can contact us.

  • Episode #4 Sink or Swim

    Episode #4 Sink or Swim

    06/10/2016 Duration: 08min

    She's a going down captain!

  • Episode #1 Hello Podcasties!

    Episode #1 Hello Podcasties!

    06/10/2016 Duration: 06min

    Introduction to the world of sheepin'

  • 99 Sheep Episode #3 The Plan

    99 Sheep Episode #3 The Plan

    03/10/2016 Duration: 08min

    Now that we know what our goal(s) is/are from Episode #2, This episode will give us the road map to get there. Let's tackle them sheep my fellow podcasties!!!

  • 99 Sheep Episode 2

    99 Sheep Episode 2

    03/10/2016 Duration: 09min

    Hello Podcasties let's make a Mission Statement