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  • Episode 8

    Episode 8

    15/05/2017 Duration: 18min

    This episode we try SweeTarts Whipped and Tangy from Nestle and Twin Bing from Palmer Candy Co. We really don't like one of them!

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7

    17/04/2017 Duration: 23min

    After a week off we tell you about our trip to Kansas City including to Laura Little's Candies. We try their Spanish Nut Caramels and Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters in addition to the new limited edition Strawberry Nut M&Ms.

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6

    03/04/2017 Duration: 23min

    Jessie tells us about her trip to Pinkitzel in Oklahoma and we try their Huckleberry Saltwater Taffy and their White Chocolate Gummy Bears. We also try out Shogotten's Cookies and Cream Bar.

  • Liam Bonus 02

    Liam Bonus 02

    19/03/2017 Duration: 28min

    Have you ever wanted to hear a 6 year old child chew loudly in your ear? Well, have I got the podcast episode for you! Liam and Matthew try out a bunch of candies that Liam has never had before.

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5

    13/03/2017 Duration: 23min

    We try out Merb's Candies Pineapple Creams, Razzles and Peeps Oreos. One of them is really bad! Which one? Listen to find out! *suspenseful sound effect here*

  • Episode 4

    Episode 4

    06/03/2017 Duration: 21min

    We try out Bristow's Traditional Bonbons Blackcurrant and Liquorice Flavor Chewy Candies and Frey Chocobloc Orange. Pleasant surprises abound!

  • Episode 3

    Episode 3

    27/02/2017 Duration: 18min

    Get ready for a wild one! All three of us (Liam included so be ready for some yelling...) try the Jelly Belly Beanboozled Jelly Beans and wash away the awfulness with the Butterfinger Pieces in Milk Chocolate Bar.

  • Liam Bonus 01

    Liam Bonus 01

    22/02/2017 Duration: 15min

    The first bonus episode with our son Liam! He tried Zero Candy Bar, Violet Crumble and Yowie Surprise Chocolates and then tells us about the Lego Batman movie.