Posc-3916 Understanding The Global Economy



The course podcasts for POSC-3916 Understanding the Global Economy. A twenty-something urban professional in India. A female factory worker in China. Co?ee farmers in Peru. African children working in gemstone mines. Auto-workers in Detroit, Michigan. And you. All of them are connected through the global economy. They experience the impact of the global economy very di?erently, however. And the degree of control each of them have over the role they play in this global economy or how “it works” — what political scientists would call its governance — is even more diverse. In this course, you will learn how our modern global economy developed, how its core institutions came into being, how they have changed, how the global economy is governed, who calls the shots where and when (and who doesn’t), and what this all means to you and all the other participants in this global economy.


  • 2 - Chapter 1 (Gilpin)

    11/09/2009 Duration: 01h13min
  • 1 - Case (Airbus, Boeing, WTO)

    08/09/2009 Duration: 01h06min