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  • The Fall  Spider nighclub

    The Fall & Spider nighclub

    10/11/2017 Duration: 44min

    This month Wes joins Thom to discuss The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall by Steve Hanley and Hazel’s been checking out Spiders: Tales From Behind The Web by Andy Roe, the story of Hull’s legendary alternative nightclub.

  • NYC rocknroll and whispering Bob Harris

    NYC rock'n'roll and whispering Bob Harris

    01/10/2017 Duration: 57min

    Matthew joins Hazel and Thom to chat about Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011 by Lizzy Goodman, the new oral history of NYC music in the early 2000s. We also celebrate the 50th anniversary of Radio 1 and Radio 2 by taking a look at ‘whispering’ Bob Harris autobiography The Whispering Years.

  • Pulp special

    Pulp special

    05/09/2017 Duration: 56min

    Mark Sturdy joins Hazel and Thom this month for a Pulp special. Up for discussion are Mark’s 2003 Pulp biography Truth and Beauty: the Story of Pulp and Freak Out the Squares: Life in a band called Pulp by Russell Senior.