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When you have things that are important to you that would devastate you if you lost them in a divorce; custody of your kids, your business, your house, even your pet. You need information that can make a difference in a hot and ugly legal battle. The Brutal Divorce Tactics Mastermind Summit gathers experienced attorneys in the round to strategize and share their methods for battling back against dirty divorce tactics. Captured professionaly to DVD, our Mastermind Summits reveal almost a century of legal experience. Now you can hear the bluntness, the clarity, and the cunning, legal brilliance from the attorneys involved in the Brutal Divorce Tactics Mastermind Summit Series.


  • Should A Killer Get Alimony?

    Should A Killer Get Alimony?

    30/11/2007 Duration: 26min

    This week a decision was issued in the case of Linda Calbi, who is serving a three-year prison term after pleading guilty to beating her son to death. The presiding judge suspended her alimony payments during incarceration, making it clear that Linda is eligible to receive them again upon her release. Her ex-husband Chris Calbi had been paying Linda over $3,000 a month until her incarceration, and I can assure you is not looking forward to being saddled with that amount when Linda is paroled. To help make some sense of it all California Attorney John L Welch offers his insight to host Reno Brackman.