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A small show about the Monterey Peninsula


  • Oscar Ramos

    Oscar Ramos

    26/05/2016 Duration: 45min

    Last December, PBS aired the documentary East of Salinas. The film follows then-third-grader Jose Ansaldo, the child of migrant farmworkers in the Salinas area, and his teacher at Sherwood Elementary, Oscar Ramos. Oscar is the kind of teacher who starts day one of the school year telling his third graders about college, because he wants … Continue reading Oscar Ramos

  • Marian Piña

    Marian Piña

    11/04/2016 Duration: 45min

    I told you this would happen. It’s time to meet Grandma. She predates most of us, not just in age, but in presence on the Peninsula. She just celebrated her 87th birthday, and has seen a lot happen here. We talked about the changing landscape of the area, crossing the Peninsula on foot (everyday), and … Continue reading Marian Piña

  • Brian Bajari

    Brian Bajari

    07/03/2016 Duration: 46min

    Brian Bajari is an advocate for the homeless, a minister and friend to many, and a generally good guy. According to me. Brian shares a few turning points in his life, and we chat about what it looks like to serve, and give dignity back to the vulnerable among us—here on the Peninsula, and wherever … Continue reading Brian Bajari