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Join presenter and comic Eleanor Conway for a weekly roundup of celeb news and interviews, as well as special comic guests dropping in. She doesn't know how to manage her life, so Eleanor will be gleaning important life decisions from her followers on Twitter and Facebook . Find her online and join in the ride.http://www.twitter.com/EleanorConwayhttp://www.facebook.com/eleanorconway2


  • CSN: La Rouxs Speedboat, Urinating first dates, Made in Chelsea

    CSN: La Roux's Speedboat, Urinating first dates, Made in Chelsea

    23/05/2011 Duration: 59min

    BBC 6 Music's Tom Ravenscroft joins Eleanor Conway and comics Lloyd Griffith and Barnaby Slater for this week's Conway's Social Network. Eleanor turns to Twitter and FB for tracks and dating advice.