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Two opposite ends of the spectrum coming together in a never ending run around the issue


  • Catching Crap

    Catching Crap

    13/03/2016 Duration: 122h12min

    The Hamster Wheel is back...finally! Find out why we went "off the grid", how life is going and all the newest updates in the most recent and long awaited episode of Running the Hamster Wheel! C.J. -- @M_Blade Julie --

  • Tech Talk Too

    Tech Talk Too

    13/09/2015 Duration: 102h24min

    In Part Too, Julie, C.J. & Melissa continue their discussion about technology and it's place in the world Julie - @runthejulie; C.J. - @M_Blade; Melissa - @missyhaha73

  • Tech Talk

    Tech Talk

    30/08/2015 Duration: 109h03min

    With our first audience member turned guest, we discuss technology... Where it was , is & will be... C.J. - @M_Blade; Julie - @runthejulie; Melissa - @missyhaha73

  • Diner Discussion Deux

    Diner Discussion Deux

    05/08/2015 Duration: 113h05min

    CJ and Julie talk about some political drama that has recently hit the news as it pertains to single moms and the LGBT community! Also, find out the latest happenings going on in the world of the Hamster Wheel. All on th

  • Examining Equality

    Examining Equality

    20/07/2015 Duration: 137h01min

    What counts as living in an equal society? Find out what C.J. & Julie think about equality in a political debut episode. We will recount gender equality as it plays out in a bar brawl and whether the Confederate Flag sho

  • Casual Catch-Up

    Casual Catch-Up

    05/07/2015 Duration: 123h47min

    Back in our home "studio" fresh off the One Voice, One Mic "miniseries" Julie & C.J. catch either up on things going on in their lives, current events & updates on previous show topics as well as future plans... @M_Blad

  • One Voice

    One Voice

    14/06/2015 Duration: 01h23min

    In Part 1 of the recap of the One Voice, One Mic Poetry Slam C.J., Julie & guest Christy discuss the event and it's details.

  • One Mic

    One Mic

    14/06/2015 Duration: 118h23min

    In the second installment of the "One Voice One Mic" series, C.J., Julie and guest, Christy, comment on a few of our favorite poems and the post competition interviews.

  • Diner Discussion

    Diner Discussion

    31/05/2015 Duration: 01h23min

    After the One Voice, One Mic Poetry Slam competition Julie, C.J. and Christy get some food a have a casual discussion about life, life choices and life events. C.J. - @M_Blade; Julie -@runthejulie

  • Road Ramblings

    Road Ramblings

    31/05/2015 Duration: 18min

    On the way to the highly anticipated One Voice, One Mic Poetry Slam; Julie & C.J. talk about driving, judging and what they expect to see & hear at the Competition. Plus an unintended guest! C.J. - @ M_Blade; Julie - @

  • Movie Madness

    Movie "Mad"ness

    03/05/2015 Duration: 106h02min

    We talk about the movies coming out this Summer and into the Holiday Season and Julie gets mad at C.J. for claiming ownership of the Hamster Wheel; plus an update on the One Voice, One Mic Poetry Slam. www.onevoiceonemi

  • Poetry Pros Pt. 2

    Poetry Pros Pt. 2

    26/04/2015 Duration: 01h38min

    The Hamster Wheel spins into guest mode! Meet, C.J.’s sister, Christy. A high school teacher who founded a Poetry Slam Club/Class for her students. Listen for info on the slam and some great poetry by some underprivil

  • Poetry Pros Pt. 1

    Poetry Pros Pt. 1

    26/04/2015 Duration: 01h13min

    The Hamster Wheel spins into guest mode! Meet, C.J.’s sister, Christy. A high school teacher who founded a Poetry Slam Club/Class for her students. Listen for info on the slam and some great poetry by some underprivil

  • (Un)Healthy Habits

    (Un)Healthy Habits

    05/04/2015 Duration: 149h30min

    Julie gets physically healthy while C.J. proves he's mentally & emotionally unstable

  • Tattoo Tension

    Tattoo Tension

    22/03/2015 Duration: 147h24min

    We're back! After being gone awhile and getting new equipment we're back to discuss health and whether or not (Julie thinks) C.J. is suffering from a mid-life crisis. C.J. -- @M_Blade; Julie -- @runthejulie

  • New Year Nonsense

    New Year Nonsense

    03/02/2015 Duration: 105h10min

    The wheel turns into the New Year with new and old family traditions, what CJ and Julie think of our first year "together" and what we hope for moving forward Twitter: C.J. - @M_Blade; Julie - @runthejulie

  • Holiday Happenings

    Holiday Happenings

    11/01/2015 Duration: 116h17min

    We discuss the holiday season, what it means to us and different "gifts" we've received C.J. -- @M_Blade; Julie -- @runthejulie Email -- runthewheel@gmail.cooom

  • Colossal Collaboration

    Colossal Collaboration

    07/12/2014 Duration: 100h36min

    5 Podcasts... 1 Topic... MUSIC! Join us as we discuss music with a new twist. Along with Span The Void, Nerds vs. Podcast, Matt & Andrew vs. Society and The Zeek & Zeven Show; we all put our own perspectives on music

  • Road Recap

    Road Recap

    01/12/2014 Duration: 13min

    In this prequel to the Collaboration Pod, from the road, we discuss meeting Span The Void and our adventures at Hershey ComiCon Span The Void episodes #21 & 22;

  • Halloween Hijinks

    Halloween Hijinks

    09/11/2014 Duration: 116h33min

    Horrifying Travels, Halloween and the happiest place on earth are haggled over on this episode C.J. -- @M_Blade & Julie -- @runthejulie

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