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  • Episode #9 -- Dr. Jan Macvarish

    Episode #9 -- Dr. Jan Macvarish

    28/06/2018 Duration: 01h43min

    Dr. Jan Macvarish is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent in the UK. In this episode she discusses her latest book Neuroparenting: The Expert Invasion of Family Life and the unintended consequences of this invasion.

  • Episode 8 - Sarah Moudry

    Episode 8 - Sarah Moudry

    10/03/2018 Duration: 01h04min

    A discussion with Montessori trained teacher, mother of three, designer, and entrepreneur Sarah Moudry. We discuss Montessori, and her work as a parent educator. But best of all, Sarah gets on her toilet learning soap box for us. You've never heard anyone talk about potty training the way Sarah does. It's simply inspiring.

  • Episode #7 - Teacher and Parent Perspectives of Montessori

    Episode #7 - Teacher and Parent Perspectives of Montessori

    14/09/2017 Duration: 43min

    In this episode, Dr. Laura Flores Shaw talks with two Montessorians, Bonnie Deigh - a former Montessori teacher - and Aki Koh - a Montessori parent - who met in college at MIT. We discuss Montessori math, the importance of the third year of the primary, the myth of the Montessori utopia, and testing, among other things. Listeners get to hear the perspectives of a teacher and parent in one conversation.

  • SMP Episode #6

    SMP Episode #6

    28/05/2017 Duration: 47min

    A conversation with Margaret Whitley, executive director of Montessori Academy of London in Ontario. Having been a Montessorian for 50 years, Margaret has had lots of opportunities to experience Montessori within a wide variety of roles. In this episode she shares her insights from these various roles -- insights from which Montessori parents, teachers, and administrators can benefit.

  • SMP #5 - Trauma

    SMP #5 - Trauma

    06/04/2017 Duration: 44min

    Pediatric neuropsychologist Dr. Jayme Jones discusses children and trauma.

  • SMP #4 - The Science of Sleep

    SMP #4 - The Science of Sleep

    13/01/2017 Duration: 45min

    Clinical psychologist and behavioral sleep medicine specialist Dr. Jennifer L. Martin discusses the science of sleep. She provides concrete things parents can do at home to foster healthy sleep not just for their children, but the whole family. Time markers for this episode: Why is sleep so important (2:00) Sleep and postpartum depression (6:30) Moral vs. scientific view of sleep and sleep training (8:30) Shifting the conversation to healthy sleep habits for families (18:00) Older children and sleep (25:30) Morally judging adolescents & recommendations for school start time (35:00) Cortisol (37:00)

  • SMP Episode #3 - The Vertical Brain Model in Action

    SMP Episode #3 - The Vertical Brain Model in Action

    11/12/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    Neurologic music therapist Peggy Schaefer discusses the vertical brain model in action and provides concrete things parents and teachers can do to help children with transitions, classroom wandering, and emotion regulation.

  • SMP Episode #2 - Montessori  the Vertical Brain Model

    SMP Episode #2 - Montessori & the Vertical Brain Model

    04/11/2016 Duration: 53min

    In this podcast, I talk with neuropsychologist Dr. Deborah Budding about the vertical model of the brain – a model that provides THE reason all children should have access to Montessori education. Dr. Budding also addresses how this model can help educators work with children who are not neurotypical.

  • SMP Podcast #1 - Transitioning from Montessori to Real School

    SMP Podcast #1 - Transitioning from Montessori to "Real" School

    02/10/2016 Duration: 17min

    Listen to one student talk about her transition from Montessori school to "real" school.