A regular AFL podcast from the ByTheMinute AFL team.


  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E07

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E07


    IT'S GRAND FINAL WEEK! The boys have pumped out a special preview edition to ease your tensions, soothe your senses and pump you up for the big day. Predictions are made, reputations put on the line; but most importantly.. Josh Jenkins is a shit biscuit

  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E06

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E06


    It is preliminary final week and the boys are on form. Robert Walls cops a whack, More biscuit talk and we look at the upcoming blockbuster fixtures. Sponsor us Arnotts.

  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E05

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E05


    First week of finals has been and gone. The boys talk Kane Cornes' salty tweets, Kochies belief that everyone is trade bait, Dusty 'Chocolate Royale' Martin and Microphone head Grant. Get around this one.

  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E04

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E04


    The boys are back in town! Wet your pre-finals appetite! We talk pre-finals bye, Majak Daw merch and Richmonds plan to get Dusty's Dad back. Essential listening.

  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E03

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E03


    We are alive. Bringing you pre-finals chat. BT, Duck and North all cop a bullet!

  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E02

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast S02E02


    The boys are back! Its season prediction time as the boys go through their analysis. Pre-season... The time for celebration!

  • ByTheMinute AFL Podcast: S02 Ep01

    ByTheMinute AFL Podcast: S02 Ep01


    First episode of the second season of the ByTheMinute AFL podcast. Stream it or download it right here.