Sunday Service With Rev. Kelly



Every few weeks, I speak at Community Miracles Center's Sunday Miracles Service. These are 17-22 minute recordings of the teachings that I've shared there!


  • 06/18/17 - Sunday Service with Rev. Kelly

    06/18/17 - Sunday Service with Rev. Kelly

  • The Time for Healing is Now!

    The Time for Healing is Now!


    Rev. Kelly talks about steps to take to bring healing into our lives - to heal those things that we think others have done to us and well as the painful things we do to ourselves.

  • The Power of Your Words

    The Power of Your Words


    How often do we throw phrases out in response to a question or situation that we don't really mean? Though we would be offended, we expect the other person to laugh it off when "I was just kidding." We are "hanging in" despite extreme challenges. We excuse ourselves by saying, "Sorry, I was busy" when there were other reasons why we didn't follow through. A Course in Miracles says that our words are merely symbols of symbols. So does that mean we can throw them around without any worry or consideration? Join me, Rev. Kelly, this Sunday as she shares why your meaningless words and thoughts do matter and we must become more cautious with them!

  • Live Your Purpose!

    Live Your Purpose!


    Often we make decisions and live our lives based on what feels right in the moment. Yet we often look back and realize that the outcomes were painful or feel like we waster our time. We wonder "Why did I do that???" and then continue without a clear goal hoping for a different outcome. â??A Course in Miracles tells us what our purpose is and gives us a means to accomplish it. Join Rev. Kelly to get clear on what the Course says and to learn a process that will support you in developing a clear vision of your life purpose! (20 min).

  • CMCs 30th Birthday Celebration

    CMC's 30th Birthday Celebration


    Rev. Kelly shares her thoughts about the CMC's Birthday Celebration - in particular calling members to join together in relationship and healing through conversation and connection.

  • Making Work Work for You

    Making Work Work for You


    Statistics say on average we spend over 90,000 hours at a job in our lifetime yet 88% of us are dissatisfied with our employment. We end up calling in sick due to stress-related illnesses. We cancel our vacations because we think we have too much to do at the office. And often we are working to buy things that we can't enjoy because we are working too much. This is nothing short of insanity! So join me, Rev. Kelly to look at how we can make work work for us! Work can be rewarding. Work can be a joy. Work can be the means to awaken to our presence in heaven. Let's work together to make work work for us in our spiritual journeys.

  • Walking in Gratitude

    Walking in Gratitude


    It's the week of Thanksgiving. What does that mean to you? Yes, we'll all be having turkey and Rev. Tony's homemade pumpkin pie on Thursday, but should it mean more than that to us as A Course in Miracles students? Join with Rev. Kelly as she explores what A Course in Miracles has to say about gratitude - what it is, what the obstacles to it are and how to fully celebrate in gratitude.

  • 050816 Finding Mom in ACIM

    050816 Finding Mom in ACIM


    It was Mother's Day and a time to reflect on what that meant to each of us and was an opportunity to celebrate our moms. However, A Course in Miracles doesn't use the word "mother" anywhere in the text. So, given that challenge while trying to figure out what she was going to talk about, Rev. Kelly ended up reading Lesson 135 and shared what she learned about the healed mind and making plans, and how that supported her in seeing God as the Feminine-Mother. 19 min.

  • The Causation of Catastrophe

    The Causation of Catastrophe


    We deem many things to be a catastrophe. Whether it be a plane disappearing over the Indian Ocean, a presidential nomination that we don't agree with or spilling perfectly sweetened coffee on our new shirt, we call them all catastrophes. But what is the cause of the catastrophes in our lives and is there a way to avoid them? Join with Rev. Kelly as she looks at the cause behind the catastrophes in our lives and what â??A Course in Miracles asks us to do in response. There is cause and effect so let's change the cause, so we can have a different experience of the effect. (21 min.)

  • The Path We Must Follow

    The Path We Must Follow


    We have a tendency to want to to be different, to not conform, and many use the teachings of A Course in Miracles to justify that. Yet, like being on a conveyor belt, once we have started our spiritual journey, the Course lays out a path that it says we "must" follow. Often, it is very painful but this does not excuse us to jump off and go our own way. Rather it is a call to move through that which is causing the pain. What are the stages that we must pass through? What does it look like and how do we move onward? In this video, Rev. Kelly helps you "pack your bags" for this trip that we have no choice but to take. (21 min.)

  • Finding Significance in Birthdays and Divorce

    Finding Significance in Birthdays and Divorce


    During this week, there are two significant dates for Rev. Kelly - her 43rd birthday and the 4th anniversary of her divorce being finalized. So, she has made it a habit to always try to reflect upon the changes and growth in her life during this special time.â?? Yet, for the last few years, if you had asked her "Do You Know Where You are Going To?" she probably would not have had an answer but this year feels different. In this video, she shares a process that she uses to get clear as to where she really want to go and how she changes her thinking when confronted with life's seeming disappointments. She knows where she is going to. She likes the things that life is showing her. Yes, she does know! 21 min.

  • Prayer and Meditation - Do They Matter?

    Prayer and Meditation - Do They Matter?


    Om, Amen, Namaste, Aho and Sat Nam are used by various traditions during meditation and prayer. Have you ever used some of those? As ACIM students, does it even matter if we meditate and pray or is it just about how we live? What is the purpose of each? What are some ways to start a prayer and meditation practice if you don't have one? These are some of the questions that Rev. Kelly shared about in this video! 20 min.

  • Extreme Circumstances Call for Extreme Love

    Extreme Circumstances Call for Extreme Love


    This week the world was horrified to see the shooting at Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida and the deaths of 49 LGBT individuals. Often we are faced with the horror of the "deaths" in our personal lives - such as the deaths of relationships, of dreams and of our finances. Then we celebrate the "heroes." Whether it be the person who bandaged up and saved a shooting victim or our triumph that resulted in a promotion, a vacation or buying new shoes. Yet A Course in Miracles teaches that no matter what the situation, no matter what we think we know, our response is to be the same. We are to show Love in all circumstances and not give up our peace. In this video, Rev. Kelly shares how we can look at the situations around us and live according to our Heavenly Father's guidance - to be the Love we want to see in the world! 21 min.