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This is the playlist of the Nerdy Black Chicks Podcast archived episodes from episode 1 in August 2013 until June, 2014. For most recent and new episodes, please check out The Nerdy Black Chicks Podcast on TalkShoe, Stitcher, and Itunes. The Nerdy Black Chicks Podcast (formerly Nerdy Black Chicks Talk Radio) is a weekly online radio show. Hosts, Lavinia and Boughetto Rising are cousins, living two very different black experiences. Boughetto's a former police officer from Baltimore City. Lavinia's a full-time mom from the outer edges of the suburbs.Join them Wednesday nights at 11pm EST on as they share their perspectives on news stories, politics, entertainment, pop culture, current events and general ratchetness.


  • Theyre Doin the Most

    They're Doin' the Most

    14/06/2014 Duration: 01h20min

    (Intro) Boughetto has a struggle kitchen moment.  Lavinia shares her kitchen creation. (13:00) Ya Ya Dacosta to play Whitney Houston in upcoming LifeTime TV biopic.  (19:45)  Blu Ivy-gate.  Nappy-gate.  Cant' a Toddler live?  Boughetto coins "Creole Denial".  (35:00)  Love & Hip Hop's Stevie J arrested for owing $1M in back child support.  (43:30) Black folks and their creative funeralizing situations.  (50:45)  New reality tv hot sleezy messes, "Preacher's Exes" and Mona Scotts Black college Greek life show.  (59:00)  Justin Beiber gets baptized by hipster NY pastor in a hotel bathroom.  (1:04:15)  Quick revisit to the Pastor These Hoes Aint Loyal story.  After hearing the entire message, are their opinions changed?  (1:08:15)  The GOP wants to go back into Iraq.  (1:10:45)  Lavinia's side bar: There aren't enough summer programs available to kids due to budget cuts.  (1:12:15)  The Arsenio Hall show is cancelled...again.  (1:15:00)  Little Bill's Alice the Great (voiced by Ruby Dee) passed away.  RIP Qu

  • Hater of the Year

    Hater of the Year

    07/06/2014 Duration: 01h28min

    Thanks for tuning in!  #DemGirls, Lavinia and Boughetto are cuttin' up again.  This week they begin the show by following up a couple of past stories.  As promised, Lavinia found the name of the book she remembers from the Reading Rainbow.  She also has something to say about the feedback on the pork story.  They discuss the Sgt was a prisoner of the Taliban for the last 5 years until his release last week.  Was his release in exchange for the release of 5 top Taliban commanders a good?  They also discuss Pastor Jamal Bryant White and his "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" serman.  Boughetto's got a read for him.  Finally, they wrap it up on the top of the #SupremeIdiots , Dummy who strapped her baby to her wedding dress & the screenwriter who blames the lack of accolades for his movie "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" on  the success of "12 Years a Slave" and the Ill-timed (not untimley) death of Nelson Mandela. Weigh in on all our topics on Facebook ( or Twitter (@nerdyblkchicks). 

  • Dont Be Trippin, Baby

    Don't Be Trippin, Baby

    31/05/2014 Duration: 01h06min

    Thank you for tuning in to and supporting our show!  This episode begins with Boughetto trying to break her neck while recording. Dem girls talk about the bitter sweet news of the passing of Maya Angelou.  Followed by a brief message delivered by Queen Angelou on the Power of Words.  #GoodNewsBlackPeople!  Levar Burton has raised more than enough money to bring back Reading Rainbow.  Can we get Reading Rainbow for grown folks?  Don't care about Kimye, but Jaden Smith showing up at the nuptials in a white bat suit got our attention.  And the Smith's are under investigation by child protective services after that photo of Willow and her 20 year old friend went viral. Where's their Grandmama?  Somebody needs to get them on it.  Lifetime taps Angela Bassett to direct their made for tv biopic about Whitney Houston.  The Houston family is not feelin' this at all.  Who does Bobbi Kristina say should play her mother in ANY movie.  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta drops a song that is terrible, horrible, and bad. Lavinia &

  • Good News, Black People!

    Good News, Black People!

    24/05/2014 Duration: 01h08min

    Thank you for tuning in!  This week Lavinia & Boughetto start of the show with a few "good news" stories.  Their main topic: "Resegregation" of schools & unequal education.  Why and how is this happening 60 years after Brown v Board?  Lavinia shares her personal experiences and observations of segregration within seemingly integrated schools.  Rihanna picks on a teen fan for her Ri Ri inspired prom bat dress.  Celebrity bullying and instagram foolishness.  GTFOH News stories:  Ray J to give Kim K $40,000 from their tape profits as a wedding gift.  If that BS is true...smh.   Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice avoids court for wollopin' on his girl.  Boughetto reveals what she learned about the incident on her recent trip to the Atlantic City Revel Casino.  Roll Call!!!  The Maya Rudolph show debuted last week and Michael Jackson's ghost/hologram performed a song he didn't like at Billboard awards.  Are you here for it? Weigh in on all our topics on Facebook ( or Twitter (@ner

  • Nerdy Black Chicks Reloaded

    Nerdy Black Chicks Reloaded

    17/05/2014 Duration: 01h03min

    Lavinia and Boughetto are back!  Realizing that 45 minutes just isn't enough time for a great show, the ladies are trying out new ways to record the podcast. This episode begins with an in depth discussion about the situation in Nigeria involving the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls.  Did Boko Haram pull this off alone?  The U.S. is involved but how much?  Western Imperialism, government corruption, and the socio-economic divide -- are they all equally responsible for the kidnappings as well as the terrible conditions many Nigerians face?Next, Solange Knowles is kickin' ass and takin' names.  Did Bey's little sister have a mental break, drunken rage, or did Jay Z have that tiger pounce coming?Followed by NFL Draft Shade.  They had Johny Football sweatin' bullets.  Which was harder to watch, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend or that extended ugly cry when he found out the Rams wanted him? And Finally, Are Mimi and Nikko of LHH Atlanta the new Bobby and Whitney?  They're acting out of order.Thanks for listening a