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1 Brit. 2 Americans. And a whole host of transatlantic opinion. Dollars By The Pound is a fortnightly podcast hosted in Brooklyn by Hannah Berry George (the Brit), Essence Stewart and John Ross, covering news, trending topics and other s**t. Exchanging cultural knowledge, from sides of the Atlantic, along the way.


  • Episode 15 - Jog On

    Episode 15 - Jog On

    28/04/2017 Duration: 55min

    Did anyone tell Sean Spicer that his role is the talk to the press not be in the press? Maybe he's taking media lessons from United CEO Oscar Muñoz. And shit has hit the fan when it comes to potty training. This week Hannah Berry George is joined by special guest and comedian Jenny Collier (@jenjencollier) and boss man of the Museum of Comedy (where we're lucky enough to record this episode) David Hardcastle.

  • Episode 14 - Hotep

    Episode 14 - Hotep

    14/04/2017 Duration: 01h11min

    On this week's episode of DBTP we catch up with an old friend on some show's past, the orange goblin that is Donald Trump, and Hotep Kings. Plus we talk about the cashmeoutside girl and Rachel Dozel and Toyota Lasagn-- I mean Tomi Lahren grace our Tools list. Featuring Victor Burt. - Victor and Veronica - Huff Po ( -