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  • The First Lent Sunday (5--2017)

    The First Lent Sunday (5--2017)

    05/03/2017 Duration: 16min

    Summary of today’s message (5/3/2017) Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God (Matthew 4:1~11) The main theme for this morning is, ‘Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of living God.’ This is what the Bible reveals to us that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of living God, and whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. Because Jesus is the messiah who came to save us, now we have eternal life in God whom we have our faith in. Because Jesus is the Son of God, our sins are forgiven, and now we are called the people of God in the kingdom of God. But nowadays, people do not want to hear that, nor believe that. Rather, they ask Christians, “What’s that got to do with my life? What Jesus really can do for me now? They only see God as just a miracle maker, or someone who can turn impossible things into possible ones for them. So they come into a relationship with him for a while, and walk away because nothing has been done according to their expectations. Actually the same thing happ

  • A Multi-Generational Church

    A Multi-Generational Church

    26/02/2017 Duration: 18min

    (Joshua 4:1~9) 1. All of us has more than one ‘very positive, great, encouraging and God performed’ memories in our life and faith journey. Obviously, for me the internship is one of them, which makes me keep going for the glory of God. 2. Of course, I’ve had very negative and discouraging experiences in my ministry. But these kinds of great memories or rather landmarks in faith have become driving forces for us to move on. As Romans 12:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” 3. This is what I see as I read today’s reading Joshua 4; God led His people out of Egypt, throughout the wilderness God protected and provided. And now God is leading them into the land he promised. This is not what Moses did or could do, this is not what Joshua did or could do, but Only God did and could do for His people. 4. So in today’s reading verse 7, God said, “tell your children that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before ‘THE ARK of the covenant of the LORD,’.” 5. This is important. The rive

  • Morningside Uniting Church is a Missional Church

    Morningside Uniting Church is a Missional Church

    19/02/2017 Duration: 17min

    Summary of today’s message (19/2/2017) Luke 5:1~11, Matthew 28:19~20, Acts 1:8 Morningside Uniting Church is 1)biblical, 2)evangelical, 3)missional, and 4)multi-generational. Today let us identify ourselves as missional. An American preacher Bill Hybels keeps saying, “Local church is the hope of the world.” I know why he says it because “We are the God-sent people in this world.” Indeed, we are the people who have been sent by God into the world as witnesses and ambassadors of the Good News, and as custodians of God’s creation, so we must be aware that we have ownership over everything we do for the glory of God because we belong to the body of Christ. Peter, James, John, and other fishermen had many years of knowledge and experience. They knew how to catch fish. But on this particular day, they did not catch any fish at all, but they met Jesus for the first time. Jesus was teaching people from Peter’s boat, so obviously Peter heard what Jesus told people about: God, heaven, salvation, healing

  • Being strengthened

    Being strengthened

    25/01/2015 Duration: 13min

    - 김동원 목사 주일 설교 - 빌립보서 4:13 - 갈보리 한인 연합교회 (김동원 목사 송별예배) - 김동원 목사는 오늘 주일을 마지막으로 갈보리 한인 연합교회의 사역을 종료하며, 향후 중국인 선교를 위하여 2015년 2월에 몇년간 중국 연수를 떠납니다.

  • 천국 시민된 교회

    천국 시민된 교회

    22/01/2015 Duration: 26min

    - 김동원 목사 주일 예배 설교 - 빌립보서 3:18 ~ 4:1 - 갈보리 연합교회 (호주 브리즈번)

  • Humility


    15/01/2015 Duration: 21min

    - 김동원 목사 주일 예배 설교 - 빌립보서 2:1~4 - 갈보리 한인 연합교회 (호주 브리즈번)

  • 주님을 더욱 더 잘 섬기는 교회

    주님을 더욱 더 잘 섬기는 교회

    28/12/2014 Duration: 26min

    - 김동원 목사 주일 설교 (28-12-2014) - 시편 37:3~11 - 갈보리 연합교회 (호주 브리즈번)

  • Christless Church

    Christless Church

    14/12/2014 Duration: 27min

    - 김동원 목사 주일 예배 설교 - 이사야 7:10 ~15 - 갈보리 한인 연합교회 (호주 브리즈번)

  • 복음의 씨앗을 잘 가꾸는 교회

    복음의 씨앗을 잘 가꾸는 교회

    07/12/2014 Duration: 23min

    - 김동원 목사 주일 예배 설교 - 갈라디아서 6:6~10 - 갈보리 연합교회 (호주, 브리즈번)