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  • Episode 10 The No BS Strategy For Your Facebook Page

    Episode 10 The No BS Strategy For Your Facebook Page

    18/11/2016 Duration: 33min

    Wanna know how to trick the latest algorithm and get 20,000 likes with one simple trick? That dog won't hunt, darling. Tips, tricks, and easy tactics DON'T work, and anyone who says they do probably has some snake oil to sell you, too. Instead, do this.

  • EP9 - Whats your big reason WHY youre in business?

    EP9 - What's your big reason WHY you're in business?

    11/11/2016 Duration: 36min

    No, we don't mean "because you need to make money to buy more sweaters for your hamsters" - we mean why this business, why this way, and why now? When you find out what lights you up about your business, you'll be more inspired, productive, and fulfilled than ever before.

  • EP8 - Dreams Dont Wait

    EP8 - Dreams Don't Wait

    02/11/2016 Duration: 41min

    Guess what, sugarplum? Your dreams WON'T wait for you. If you want to get out of the STUCK place you are now and actually LIVE THOSE DREAMS, there are only two things you've got to get past. We'll tell you what they are in this podcast so you can break out and get past them.

  • EP7 - Next Level Business Investments

    EP7 - Next Level Business Investments

    27/10/2016 Duration: 47min

    DIYing and bootstrapping is fun for awhile, but what happens when you've made some money and you're finally ready to let go of all the extra tasks on your list? Here are some of our favorite and TOTALLY necessary places to spend those hard earned business bucks. (Sorry, Total Wine is not on the list.)