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  • Frank Bender, World Renowned Forensic Sculptor

    Frank Bender, World Renowned Forensic Sculptor

    21/02/2010 Duration: 59min

    Frank Bender World Renowned Forensic Sculptor and Fine Artist will be our guest on Talk Forensics Sunday, February 21st. Bender will discuss his latest reconstruction of Mebane, NC's "found" child. Bender was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer this past September and is currently under Hospice care along with his beautiful wife, Jan Bender. Jan Bender has also been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Bender was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Vidocq Society in Oct of '09, and recently The Frank Bender Award was presented to him in NC for his tireless efforts of using Art to identify "found" victims and capture our most wanted fugitives all over the world.

  • Marti Rulli Author of Good Bye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

    Marti Rulli Author of "Good Bye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour" "

    14/02/2010 Duration: 01h01min

    Marti Rulli, author, takes a look into the death of Natalie Wood.

  • Dr. Jason H. Byrd, Internationally Recognized Forensic Entomologist

    Dr. Jason H. Byrd, Internationally Recognized Forensic Entomologist

    07/02/2010 Duration: 01h09s

    Dr. Jason H. Byrd, assistant professor of forensic science and biology at Virginia Commonwealth University and an internationally recognized authority on insect evidence at crime scenes. Byrd, one of just a handful of certified forensic entomologists in the nation, is a key instructor in VCU’s popular new undergraduate forensic science program, which is preparing students for careers as chemists, crime lab analysts, crime scene technicians, federal agents, forensic molecular biologists and toxicologists, among other specialties.

  • Ann Rule, World Renound True Crime Author

    Ann Rule, World Renound True Crime Author

    31/01/2010 Duration: 01h08s

    Ann Rule is regarded as the foremost true crime writer in America, and the author responsible for the genre as it exists today. Ann has been a full-time true crime writer since 1969. Over the past 30 years, she has published 20 books and 1400 articles, mostly on criminal cases. Ann graduated from Coatesville High School, and has a BA from the University of Washington in Creative Writing, with minors in psychology, criminology and penology. She studied two years at Highline Community College, taking courses in crime scene investigation, police administration, crime scene photography and arrest, search and seizure. She has attended every seminar that police organizations invite her to, including those on organized crime, arson, bomb search, DNA, etc. She has 30 hours credit at the University of Washington Medical School earned by attending the National Medical Examiners' Conference. She attended the King County Police Basic Homicide School for two weeks. Today, she herself teaches seminars to many law enforcem

  • Encore Presentation Andrew Hoog of Via Forensics

    Encore Presentation Andrew Hoog of Via Forensics

    24/01/2010 Duration: 01h04s

    Encore Presentation Andrew Hoog, chief investigative officer of viaForensics, is a recognized computer scientist and forensic analyst and former chief information officer of a $750 million multinational corporation. He has led investigations, contributed to policy development and lectured at corporations, attorneys’associations and law enforcement agencies about the computer forensic discipline. He maintains a computer forensics and e-discovery glossary,authors computer/mobile forensic how-to guides and is now writing a book about Android forensics. He is the author of a groundbreaking white paper on iPhone forensics that has gained recognition throughout the industry. viaForensics is an innovative computer/mobile forensic and e-discovery company providing expert consulting services to corporations, law firms, law enforcement and government agencies. Beyond servicing our clients immediate needs, the company focuses on groundbreaking research in areas such as mobile forensics, SQLite forensics, data visualizat

  • Encore Presentation Dr. Michael Baden of HBOs Autopsy

    Encore Presentation Dr. Michael Baden of HBO's Autopsy

    17/01/2010 Duration: 01h15s

    This week's guest is Dr. Michael Baden of HBO's Autopsy series. Dr. Baden has been featured on numerous televison specials and is one of the most well know forensic pathologists in the nation.

  • Joelle Fisher, Detecting Deception  Body Language Expert

    Joelle Fisher, Detecting Deception & Body Language Expert

    10/01/2010 Duration: 59min

    Joelle Fisher is an expert in detecting deception via the analysis of body language and written communications. She is a trainer for various law enforcement agencies and private companies.

  • Encore Presentation Larry Daniel High Profile Computer Forensics Expert

    Encore Presentation Larry Daniel High Profile Computer Forensics Expert

    03/01/2010 Duration: 01h02min

    Larry Daniel is a High Profile Computer Forensics Expert. Larry has eight years of experience in digital forensics and thirty years of experience in software development, server administration, desktop computers, network security, Windows, Linux, MAC OS, Novell and other operating systems.Larry is the CEO and Principal Digital Forensic Examiner for Guardian Digital Forensics.Larry E. Daniel is considered one of the top digital forensics defense experts in the USA. With over 8 years of computer forensics experience, 30 years IT experience and over 20 capital murder cases, Larry brings a unique perspective from his experience in complex cases as a defense expert. Larry is the author of the popular blog, Ex Forensis and host of the Talk Forensics Radio show.

  • Encore Presentation David Sullivan, Digital Forensics Employment Recruiter

    Encore Presentation David Sullivan, Digital Forensics Employment Recruiter

    27/12/2009 Duration: 01h05min

    David specializes in helping digital forensics professional find employment. He will be talking about what makes for a successful employment search, interviewing and preparing your credentials

  • Kathryn Casey, True Crime Writer

    Kathryn Casey, True Crime Writer

    20/12/2009 Duration: 01h44s

    A late bloomer, kathryn finished college in her early thirties, and spent nearly twenty years writing for magazines."It's been a lot of fun, and, in the process, I've contributed more than 100 articles to national magazines that include: Ladies' Home Journal, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly, Seventeen, MORE, Town & Country, and Readers' Digest" Kathryn said. Some of Kathryn's books are: EVIL BESIDE HER (formerly titled THE RAPIST'S WIFE). Following that, along came Susan White, Kent McGowen and A WARRANT TO KILL. Then she was off to Austin for the next three books, the first SHE WANTED IT ALL, on the Celeste Beard case, followed by DIE, MY LOVE, on the Piper Rountree case, set in Austin/?Houston/? and Richmond, Virginia. Her most recent true crime book, A DESCENT INTO HELL, on the Colton Pitonyak case, is a truly tragic Austin case, deeply troubling. The research took her into the world of college kids, drugs, sex, and guns. In DESCENT, three college-age kids with the whole world ahead of them sl