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Many businesses are overwhelmed with regulatory updates and information, our series of podcasts on the subject of risk is designed to help organizations cut through the clutter and focus on the important issues. Our subject matter experts will present short, concise and practical analysis that helps organizations to connect, simplify and perform. We believe that compliance shouldnt be seen as a burden or a constant challenge, but an opportunity to accelerate business growth and discover new opportunities.


  • De-Risking: The Impact in MENA and Globally

    15/06/2018 Duration: 07min
  • FATF Mutual Evaluations

    04/05/2018 Duration: 08min
  • The Future of Financial Information Sharing

    06/04/2018 Duration: 09min
  • Financial Crime in the Middle East & North Africa 2018

    05/03/2018 Duration: 16min
  • Trade Based Money Laundering

    08/12/2017 Duration: 18min
  • Derisking in MENA – how should banks respond?

    16/10/2017 Duration: 22min
  • Emerging threats and technologies facing AML practitioners in the world today

    17/09/2017 Duration: 10min
  • FATF in the MENA Region

    12/08/2017 Duration: 14min
  • Why It’s Important To Reduce Supply Chain Risks in 2017

    17/07/2017 Duration: 10min
  • Whistleblowing – does your company have a safe space for difficult conversations?

    13/06/2017 Duration: 16min
  • Fintech / Regtech & Compliance

    12/05/2017 Duration: 09min
  • The Future of Financial Institutions

    08/04/2017 Duration: 06min
  • Financial Crime in MENA 2017

    13/03/2017 Duration: 04min
  • January Message

    06/01/2017 Duration: 18s
  • The Rising case for Tax Technology in the GCC

    05/12/2016 Duration: 06min
  • Compliance Challenges – Oil & Gas

    14/11/2016 Duration: 23min
  • Understanding Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

    14/10/2016 Duration: 17min
  • Compliance Talent – How to build, and keep, your best people

    14/09/2016 Duration: 15min
  • Next Generation KYC

    14/08/2016 Duration: 14min
  • Global Trends in Cyber Crime

    14/07/2016 Duration: 15min
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