Studio is a show for independent podcasters who want to professionalize their sound. We talk about editing, mixing, sound design and the finer points of podcast production. Hosted and produced by William Smith of Daring Creative. Learn more about the show at


  • Special Announcement

    Special Announcement

    14/09/2017 Duration: 04min

    I'm converting Studio to a "video podcast" to better demonstrate some of the tips and techniques I have to share. This decision came after feedback from listeners, close friends and even family weighed in. So, editing month will continue but instead of being an audio only presentation I'll be able to visually show you some tips and tricks for editing your podcast. Expect more news in this feed on how you can access the videos sometime in the next 2 weeks! And if video isn't your thing, that's okay too! As I continue to refine my content and its delivery, I just feel like this move is the best way to accomplish my goals with Studio. If you have feedback, comments or ideas about the new video format, please feel free to share them with me! You can always email in at or connect with me on Twitter, where my handle is @williamsmith  

  • #21 Editing month: Why you should edit your podcast

    #21 Editing month: Why you should edit your podcast

    06/09/2017 Duration: 08min

    It's editing month on Studio, which means we're going to be talking about anything and everything involved with editing your podcast - including the benefits of editing, what counts as editing, and some of the tools you might use to edit. We’ll then continue the series on editing in subsequent shows by pointing out great examples of editing and I hope to have a couple of interviews for you with professional podcast editors to learn a little more about how and why they do what they do! Mentioned on today's show: The Joe Rogan Experience Thanks for listening to today’s show! As always, our intro music comes courtesy of Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design. Our logo was created by Cory Jespersen.  Studio is hosted, edited and mixed by me, William Smith. You can get in touch with me by emailing at or by hitting me up on Twitter where my handle is @williamsmith. If you find the show useful, please leave us a review on iTunes as it helps us reach more podcasters.

  • #20 Giving away RX Elements, R0DE NT1-A Impressions

    #20 Giving away RX Elements, R0DE NT1-A Impressions

    29/08/2017 Duration: 11min

    On today's episode I share my impressions of the R0DE NT1-A large diaphragm condenser microphone, along with some news about the theme of some upcoming episodes. I also add a new segment to the show, Recommended Podcasts, that helps illustrate some of the concepts we talk about here on Studio. Last but not least (especially because it comes early in the episode) we have our first giveaway! You can score a FREE copy of RX Elements by iZotope by sending me an email with your name and your podcast's name! You can always reach me at I didn't call it out in the episode, but the deadline for the giveaway is Monday, August 28th! Mentioned in this episode: RX Elements Product info at iZotope R0DE NT1-A anniversary bundle at Musician's Friend AT2020 USBi on Sweetwater Studio Episode #6 "Choosing a podcast microphone" Dynamic vs Condenser microphones "The Ways of Hearing" on Showcase from Radiotopia The intro music for this episode of Studio is brought to you by Jeff Stark at Attune Musica

  • #19 Geoff Manchester of iZotope

    #19 Geoff Manchester of iZotope

    14/08/2017 Duration: 44min

    After a 2 week hiatus due to a studio renovation I'm back with another episode of Studio! Today I talk to Geoff Manchester, an award-winning composer, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as product specialist at iZotope. Geoff shares with us some tips and tricks for getting a great recorded vocal for your podcast, as well as introduces us to some plugins available from iZotope to clean up your recordings, mix them and add that finishing polish that makes them really stand out. Note: This is not a sponsored podcast for iZotope, I just really love and believe in their audio plugins! You can try all of these for free by downloading a demo on the iZotope web site and look for a giveaway coming in the next episode for some of the software talked about today! Mentioned in this episode Geoff Manchester on Twitter Manchester iZotope's web site RX Elements from iZotope Neutron Elements from iZotope Ozone Elements from iZotope The New Audio Podcast Pro Audio Essentials at iZotope Geoff's RX tutorial on iZotope's w

  • #18 Experience, Motivation and Business Plans

    #18 Experience, Motivation and Business Plans

    24/07/2017 Duration: 13min

    On today's show I respond to a listener question! Jay Fratt of the Conservative Hippie podcast writes in to ask about my prior experience with podcasting, my motivations for Studio and what my podcast business plan looks like.  The Conservative Hippie Cory Jespersen's artwork As always, the music in Studio is composed by Jeff Stark of Attune Musical Design. And we've got some killer new podcast artwork courtesy of Cory Jespersen (see the link to his art in the links above) Thanks for listening this week, and I'll be back next week with even more for the independent podcaster who wants to professionalize their sound. Talk to you then!  

  • #17 Amanda McLoughlin of Spirits  Join the Party

    #17 Amanda McLoughlin of Spirits & Join the Party

    18/07/2017 Duration: 31min

    On today's show I'm excited to bring you an interview with Amanda McLoughlin. Amanda recently penned a fantastic article on Medium titled "Lessons from an Independent Podcaster" which really got my attention -- so much so that I had to have her on the show to talk about it!  Amanda is also the host of Spirits, a podcast that just passed the 1M downloads mark after only 18 months! We talk about the growth of that show, including how she got included on Apple's "New and Noteworthy" section, as well as the production and sound design of her second show Join the Party. You'll also learn a lot about mindset, growing your podcast audience, and "whole-assing" your podcast - great term from Amanda that I'll probably steal!  I can't think Amanda enough for sitting down to talk to me this week and hope you enjoy this interview! Links: Lessons from an Independent Podcaster Spirits Join the Party Amanda on Twitter I'd also be remiss not to mention the killer new artwork for the show! Thank you to Cory Jespers

  • #16 Audio plugins to enhance your podcast sound

    #16 Audio plugins to enhance your podcast sound

    11/07/2017 Duration: 09min

    On today's show I'll introduce you to some of my favorite audio plugins for enhancing the sound of podcasts. I demo iZotope RX Elements. Nectar 2 Production Suite including Breath Control, and the Greg Wells MixCentric Plugin from Waves Audio.  RX Elements from iZotope Nectar 2 from iZotope Greg Wells MixCentric If you enjoyed this podcast subscribe to it wherever you download your podcasts. And if you learned something new, shoot me an email and let me know! It will make my day ;) You can always reach me at  

  • #15 Madeline Dowling of Marmoset Music

    #15 Madeline Dowling of Marmoset Music

    03/07/2017 Duration: 21min

    On today's show I speak with Madeline Dowling, a music supervisor at Marmoset Music.  Marmoset is a full-service music agency, meticulously curating a roster of rare, vintage and emerging artists, bands and record labels for music licensing. Marmoset also boasts an award-winning Original Music Production Team, working directly with indie artists and bands to craft original scores and soundtracks for nearly any creative need imaginable. They also have some great music for podcasters to license!  We also talk about one of the partnerships Marmoset has as a music provider for Gimlet Media, my favorite podcasting studio! Links: Read the full transcript for this interview Marmoset Music Gimlet Media Our theme music is by Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design. You can support Studio by leaving a review on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you download podcasts.

  • #14 Grow by thinking small

    #14 Grow by thinking small

    26/06/2017 Duration: 07min

    On today's show I talk why you should think small when growing your podcast show -- with an assist from an interview Seth Godin did with Tim Ferris last year. You will learn how earning your audience one person at a time can be so powerful, and hopefully be less stressed out with the pace of your show's growth. Mentioned in this episode: Tim Ferris Podcast  Think Small to Grow Big Seth Godin Our theme song and musical scoring for Studio comes courtesy of Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design. If you have a podcast that you produce and would like to be featured on Studio, reach out to me! You can support the show by leaving a review wherever you download podcasts. 

  • #13 Podcast news from WWDC 17

    #13 Podcast news from WWDC 17

    13/06/2017 Duration: 09min

    There was a lot of news related to podcasting at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference last week and I've got the highlights. It looks like the Podcast app that comes with every iOS device will be getting some love, as well as some new tags in Apple's podcast specification that will help podcasters who create serialized shows. Finally, it looks like we will get access to in-podcast analytics - but is that information a blessing or a curse? Mentioned today: Podcast update from WWDC (Apple) OmnyStudio Did you enjoy today's show? Let me know by dropping a line (I love to hear from listeners) or leaving the show a review on iTunes. 

  • #12 Hot Pods and Hangouts

    #12 Hot Pods and Hangouts

    08/06/2017 Duration: 04min

    On today's show I share some new resources for podcasters! This is a great supplement to Episode 8 of the show where I shared some other great online resources.  We also have new music for the show! Thank you to listener Jeff Stark who composed some original music for Studio! I hope to have Jeff on the show soon to talk about scoring music for the podcast, another cool project he's working on with me! Talked about today: Hot Pod The Pitch from Gimlet Media The Podcaster's Hangout on Facebook As always, tell me what you think of the show! Here's the best way to reach me.

  • #11 Creative use of music in podcasts

    #11 Creative use of music in podcasts

    25/05/2017 Duration: 08min

    Today's show is all about music and how you can use it in interesting and creative ways in your podcast. Special thanks to The Daily (courtesy of The New York Times), Heavyweight (courtesy of Gimlet Media) and the IAMRAPAPORT Stereo Podcast for the clipped examples featured in today's episode. The Daily Heavyweight IAMRAPAPORT Stereo Podcast If you're looking for original, licenseable music tracks for your own podcast visit Marmoset Music (not a sponsor, I'm just a happy customer)  

  • #10 Choosing your shows format

    #10 Choosing your show's format

    18/05/2017 Duration: 11min

    On today's Studio I talk about the various formats you can choose from for your podcast. Do you want to be a solo host or will you bring a friend along with you to co-host? Will you even have a host at all, or create a more narrative, guest driven show?  Mentioned on the show: Serial S-Town  Missing Richard Simmons Song Exploder Read the transcript for this episode here:  

  • #9 What gear should I invest in?

    #9 What gear should I invest in?

    10/05/2017 Duration: 28min

    On today's show I provide some recommendations on gear you should consider adding to your studio or recording process. I cover the pros and cons, along with alternatives, for recording devices, microphones, boom arms, editing software and more. Of special note: In the podcast I refer to the "Focusrite Sapphire" when I meant the "Focusrite Scarlett." That correction has already been made to the new Episode Guide on the website for the podcast, Zoom H6 Recorder (00:48) Focusrite Scarlett 18i/8 (5:15) Shure SM7B (7:26) R0DE PSA 1 Swivel Mount (9:39) Fethead by Triton Audio (12:22) Headphones and Headphone Amps (14:53) Computers (18:42) Editing Software (19:37) iZotope Plugins (22:10) Would you like to have your podcast featured on an upcoming episode of Studio? Connect with me on Daring to get in touch!  

  • #8 Online Resources for New Podcasters

    #8 Online Resources for New Podcasters

    01/05/2017 Duration: 10min

    Today's show gives me the opportunity to share some of my go to resources when learning about podcasting. There is so much great info on the web, but sifting through it can be a real pain. The links talked about on the show helped by pointing me in the right direction, and they can help you too! Jason Snell's podcasting page Marco Arment's microphone reviews Studio Rescue on YouTube Recording Revolution on YouTube NY Times Podcast Club on Facebook Visit for new episode guides (in the process of adding all of them so check back often) and the Learn tab for additional resources (also a work in progress but I am a podcaster, not a webmaster)

  • #7 Jenna Rutschman of The Get it Girl Show

    #7 Jenna Rutschman of The Get it Girl Show

    20/04/2017 Duration: 29min

    On today's show I talk with Jenna Rutschman of The Get it Girl Show. Jenna has built a popular podcast around female entrepreneurship and I talked with her about how she got started, why she decided to dip her toe into podcasting, and what type of process she has for recording, finding guests and promoting her show. Learn more about the show at or subscribe to it via iTunes or Google Play. 

  • #6 Choosing a podcast microphone (with samples)

    #6 Choosing a podcast microphone (with samples)

    13/04/2017 Duration: 10min

    On today's show I talk about podcast microphones and include samples from 7 of the more popular choices for recording your podcast.  Microphones demonstrated in this episode: Internal Laptop Microphone (Mac Book Pro) Apple Ear Buds Jabra UC Voice 550 Blue Yeti Shure SM58 R0DE Procaster Shure SM7B

  • #5 The mindset for podcasting

    #5 The mindset for podcasting

    04/04/2017 Duration: 14min

    On today's show we talk about the mindset you need to create your own podcast show. Setting yourself up for success (and being able to identify what success looks like) is critically important to being the best podcaster you can be.

  • #4 Recording remote guests with Cast

    #4 Recording remote guests with Cast

    28/03/2017 Duration: 14min

    Today's show discusses recording remote guests for your podcast. It's one of the biggest challenges podcasters come across, but Cast makes it pretty easy (and painless).  Learn more about Cast at

  • #3 Considerations for new podcasters

    #3 Considerations for new podcasters

    23/03/2017 Duration: 18min

    On today's show I talk about the things all new podcasters/producers need to consider before creating their shows. 

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