The Riding High Podcast tracks two mates as they endeavour to find their place in society. Co-Hosts Michael Smith and Tynan Narywonczyk are both focused on the big picture and what it takes to get there. Michael is building an online business ( aimed at strengthening the recruitment industry. Tynan is dedicating the next three years documenting the process he is going through in taking action on adversity he has turned into his advantage. He dreams of bringing value to people who are searching for motivation to achieve their goals. Each week Michael and Tynan will be detailing the steps they are taking and the lessons they learn. Tynan will be sharing everyday peoples stories and the lessons they have learnt.theridinghighpodcast@gmail.com


  • TheRidingHighPodcastEp.27


    28/08/2020 Duration: 59min

    In this Episode Tynan goes Solo as Mike is MIA. Tynan has a great conversation with Bevan James Eyles and Author, Fitness trainer, public speaker, husband and all round awesome guy.

  • WS3027 - Tynan Narywonczyk # 13677571

    WS3027 - Tynan Narywonczyk # 13677571

    08/02/2019 Duration: 20min

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  • Episode26


    31/12/2018 Duration: 44min

    Mike and Tynan are back and are ready to chase dreams and impact the lives of those they interact with for the better. The boys have had massive life changes and Tynan is going through a divorce and dealing with parenting post divorce. The boys have big projects planned for 2019 come and follow them on the journey to awesomeness.

  • The Riding High Podcast Episode26

    The Riding High Podcast Episode26

    31/12/2018 Duration: 44min

    Mike and Tynan are back with some big news and big changes. Check in to listen to the boys share details on the new lives they have and Tynan share some insight into divorce and the process of being a dad after divorce. The guys have some awesome projects they are building and working on that will impact loads of people in 2019, JOIN THE RIDE