Avoiding The Issue



Joe Tarpey, Paul Butland and Bob Craddock weave jocular tangents on random subject matters. "Offensive" language features


  • ATI S2E6

    ATI S2E6

    24/10/2011 Duration: 35min

    Oh for fuck's sake. I've genuinely no idea what we've just talked about. Does anyone read this anyway? Something about Just A Minute. Most likely something about Gaddafi. Probably some bullshit about the dissolution of the world economy. Did we mention Paul's clothes? Yes. Yes we did.

  • ATI S2Ep5

    ATI S2Ep5

    04/10/2011 Duration: 27min

    A very sexy podcast. If you like murderers. Hold on....What?....Oh....OK....Sorry.....Not murderers. Cartoon rabbits though. Or celebrities covered in moles. If you hadn't guessed. We found Butland.

  • ATI Series 2 Ep 4

    ATI Series 2 Ep 4

    29/09/2011 Duration: 31min

    Where has Paul gone? Nobody knows. Does anyone care anyway? Oh look, he's turned up on fucking Twitter! No time for podcasting but plenty of time for social networking. What a cunt. Joel Murray's here instead. He'll probably go on about fucking sheep or something. I don't mean having sex with sheep. I'm just in a sweary mood. Fucking sheep.

  • ATI S2Ep3

    ATI S2Ep3

    21/09/2011 Duration: 33min
  • ATI Advertisement Special

    ATI Advertisement Special

    05/09/2011 Duration: 35min

    Want to buy my stuff? Go on. It's dead good. Look how amazing your life would be if only you bought more stuff of me. Go on.....

  • ATI S2Ep2

    ATI S2Ep2

    05/09/2011 Duration: 32min

    Are you still here? Damn right you are. We got 2 5* iTunes reviews you know. We're dead funny us. If you liked the smell of coffee why would you never want to try it? You'd have to be utterly mental. Or Joseph Tarpey. What a cunt. If you were an intelligent human being would you think that randomly arranging 1s, 2s and Xs into a 10x10 chart would be a good way to make your fortune in the bookies? You'd have to be utterly mental. Or Joseph Tarpey. What a cunt. An utter utter cunt. And a night rapist.

  • ATI S2Ep1

    ATI S2Ep1

    19/08/2011 Duration: 36min

    We're back!!! You've missed us, right? Every day you've been checking you're iTunes, longing for a new episode of "Avoiding The Issue" to be available to download. Every day the disappointment increases. The feeling of desperation grows by the hour. At times you wonder whether it's even worth carrying on. "Maybe if they can't be bothered to just get together and chat shit for half an hour, I can't be bothered to go on living" you say to yourself, eyeing up the jumbo box of Wilko's value painkillers. STOP!!!! DON"T DO IT!!! The wait is over!!! No longer will you have to be disappointed by the lack of new episodes of everyone's third favourite podcast. I can hear what you're saying. "I'm really glad they're back but is this the best they could come up with? They could have at least spent a bit of time while they weren't podcasting coming up with some new ideas or at least something of interest to talk about. This is just a pretty poor version something from the last series.....Fuck this. Where are those pills??

  • Avoiding the Issue #20

    Avoiding the Issue #20

    22/06/2011 Duration: 35min

    We didn't want to put this podcast out. We didn't even want to record it. It was fate. We had no choice.

  • Avoiding the Issue #19

    Avoiding the Issue #19

    16/06/2011 Duration: 33min

    Kidney or IPad? Kidney or IPad? IPad. And Paul's man boobs.

  • Avoiding the Issue #18

    Avoiding the Issue #18

    25/05/2011 Duration: 33min

    Tarpey has AHDH. Apparently. Bob is sceptical. Paul is a cunt. Adele is fat. And a cunt.

  • Avoiding the Issue #17

    Avoiding the Issue #17

    18/05/2011 Duration: 33min

    Superinjunctions could be the death of the kiss-and-tell, so we discuss where celebrity culture is heading, via rape and doggy fingering.

  • Avoiding the Issue #16

    Avoiding the Issue #16

    03/05/2011 Duration: 32min

    Paul's back and has promised to stop being a massive racist. The news has been a little slow of late but we managed to find something to talk about. Go on Youtube and look up Dennis Madalone. You won't be disappointed.

  • Royal Wedding Special!

    Royal Wedding Special!

    29/04/2011 Duration: 38min

    This is a genuine message of good-will to Kates and Bills.

  • Avoiding the Issue #15

    Avoiding the Issue #15

    22/04/2011 Duration: 43min

    Joe and Bob are joined by Joel Murray, all the way from deepest, darkest Sheffield. Paul is banned for being a massive racist. The pros and cons of AV are discussed along with the sexual preferences of the average man from Devon. Or Cornwall?

  • Avoiding The Issue #14

    Avoiding The Issue #14

    29/03/2011 Duration: 35min

    Bob has a new iPhone 4, welcome to civilisation son. Should gaming achievements be rewarded with sexual encounters, should they? What ended the cold war? Tradition, toffs and an obscure take on the boat race.

  • Avoiding The Issue #13

    Avoiding The Issue #13

    23/03/2011 Duration: 37min

    Some things are spoken of, some e-mails are dealt with. Comedy minus jokes, plus jokes, minus surprise equals what? Anything at all you want to say to us? avoidingtheissues@gmail.com.

  • Avoiding The Issue #12

    Avoiding The Issue #12

    15/03/2011 Duration: 39min

    Another shambolic chat with your three favorite twats. Quite a slow burner this one but there's a few good gags build up with an absolute corker at the end. In fairness we were better in the taxi earlier this evening but that didn't get taped. Want to know what gets covered? HARP, The Word & False Accent Syndrome that's what. Probably best not to listen if you're deaf, you may be offended.

  • Avoiding The Issue #11

    Avoiding The Issue #11

    07/03/2011 Duration: 40min

    With little to no sense of irony we discuss the ability of this podcast to induce sleep. Along with hairdryers, vaccum cleaners and running baths. Also the credibility of Paul Mckenna is, shall we say, scrutinised and leads into a chat about what one would do if one was invisible.

  • #10


    25/02/2011 Duration: 42min

    It may well sound here like we didn't know we were going, but we jolly well did. We talk about geese as little Neil Hanson asked us to.

  • Avoiding The Issue #7

    Avoiding The Issue #7

    27/01/2011 Duration: 30min
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