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Weekly shows where I will share my podcasting experiences from 2 years of podcasting, tips, tools, resources as well as interviews from veteran podcasters and new podcasters from the passion to pod mentoring program.


  • P2P007: What Do I Really Need to Start A Podcast and What are the Costs

    P2P007: What Do I Really Need to Start A Podcast and What are the Costs

    28/02/2017 Duration: 14min

    So a BIG question I get a lot is "what do I really need to start podcasting and what are the costs"? I love this because it is super simple, well I keep it super simple and I teach you to do the same. Who needs or wants difficult? NOT ME! I like to create my podcast so I can keep up with it and really enjoy the show and my guests. So let me break this down for you: "What do I really need to start podcasting" THE TOOLS: computer/laptop microphone or earbuds media host/rss feed quiet space to record zoom/skype to interview blog/website iTunes to tag a way to organize your ideas/shows/guests apple id/ working email branding for show, artwork, intro/outro/description (all done in libsyn) Editing software- Garageband, Audacity, or Adobe Audition These are the 11 main things you need to make your recordings a podcast! I know it seems like a lot but once you get going I promise you, it will all just melt together and you will have a new platform you can call your baby! Ok lets get into the costs: Microphone-

  • P2P006: 15 Tips to Launching Your Podcast

    P2P006: 15 Tips to Launching Your Podcast

    21/02/2017 Duration: 22min

    Hey all!! Happy Tuesday! Today's show idea came from my group. Someone who wants to start a show but didn't want to add another launch onto her plate. I get it! So to make it simple I came up with 15 Ways to Launch Your Podcast To make it easy here is my list: Brand Your Show with graphics Guest blog and add in your upcoming podcast launch Be a guest on other shows Start talking you're not yet released show everywhere you go Share your progress through screenshots, and pictures talk up your pod in groups you have made connections in blog about it and share start a contest when you launch and give prizes interview others that have a larger following that you announce the round about date of your launch after you submit to itunes Release your show on a Mon, Tues, or Wed Have a bank of 5-10 shows ready to go when you launch.  Launch 2 a day for the first 5 days to start to boost download numbers. Name your show using keywords Launch on multiple platforms (iTunes, stitcher radio, youtube, tunein, iheartradio,spo

  • P2P005: Cracking Your Podcasting Blocks, Perfectionism,  Streamlining Your Podcast

    P2P005: Cracking Your Podcasting Blocks, Perfectionism, & Streamlining Your Podcast

    14/02/2017 Duration: 25min

    Hey podders! In todays show I reviewed what I spoke about in the group this week via video. To break it down REAL QUICK: The most common blocks are: I don’t know how to start How will I have enough content? How do I know when the time is right? Where will i find the time? Dropping the perfectionist in you and learning to be FULLY aware of what is going on in your head is THE WAY to move past these blocks and get your show completed! Stop the comparison and just start already! Lastly I made it real easy for you to streamline your show and blog to make your life easier! C'mon and give it a listen!

  • P2P004: How We Hear Our Own Voice and How to Just Finally Start a Podcast

    P2P004: How We Hear Our Own Voice and How to Just Finally Start a Podcast

    07/02/2017 Duration: 11min

    OMG I sound horrible! Who would want to listen to me? I always thought I sounded like a little boy going through puberty. This is what a lot of us think about ourselves. We criticize everything down to our own voices I did it too. I did a livestream in my group Passion to Pod today and I was telling the members that we hear ourselves differently than other people hear us and a member jumped in and offered her knowledge. She said  It's because when you speak you hear your own voice in two different ways. The first is through vibrating sound waves hitting your ear drum, the way other people hear your voice. The second way is through vibrations inside your skull set off by your vocal chords.   Anyways the reason for todays show is to FINALLY get you started recording! Join the Challenge in the group on Facebook and get started already! ACTION STEP: Play with recording on Anchor, on your computer (GarageBand,Audacity, or Adobe Audition) Grab your apple earbuds, don't need to complicate it. Hit record and play!

  • P2P003: Podcasting Doesnt Have to Be Hard Ya know

    P2P003: Podcasting Doesnt Have to Be Hard Ya know

    31/01/2017 Duration: 13min

    The thoughts that run wild in our heads when starting something new and we complicate it could make us literally want to throw a fucking temper tantrum. But they don't have to. Calm down Gather your thoughts Write them down, or say them out loud. One of the complaints I often get when someone wants to start a podcast of their own is. It sounds like a lot of work Well duh, yea in the beginning isn't anything a lot of work? We seem to forget that once we get going and learn the process, it become second nature and we are then smooth sailing. The thing is, once you are going it can be super easy. You can do things the way that will make you stress out and lose handfuls of hair OR you can impress yourself, therefore build your confidence and make you want to branch out in other places as well. It's really a DUH moment. OF COURSE you want it easy and you want it NOW! I suggest that you don't listen to what everyone else has to say, listen to me, the one podcaster who doesn't stress on all the extras, the super t

  • P2P001: New Podcaster and Passion to Pod Student Mariana C. Ruiz

    P2P001: New Podcaster and Passion to Pod Student Mariana C. Ruiz

    20/01/2017 Duration: 29min

    Today Mariana and I chatted on her podcasting journey, her ups and downs She is a new podcaster and has great insight and also shares the success she has had already with her show!   xoxo, laurenjean

  • P2P002: 5 Reasons to Podcast

    P2P002: 5 Reasons to Podcast

    20/01/2017 Duration: 26min

    Thank so much for being here! Today I talk on my 5 personal reasons why I started my show back in March of 2015 plus you can read this article on 6 reasons why you, as a business should podcast.   Enjoy!

  • P2P000: The Birth of Passion to Pod

    P2P000: The Birth of Passion to Pod

    17/01/2017 Duration: 10min

    Welcome to the very first episode of Passion to Pod the podcast! I am super excited to bring you to this episode as it shares how I got into podcasting myself and now teaching you how to start YOUR own show the easy way with my assistance. Listen in to check out how I got started   xoxo, laurenjean