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Stay up-to-date with whats happening in the digital world the easy way! Digital expert, national radio host and USA Today columnist Kim Komando wastes no time and gets right to the top stories, scams, security alerts, product reviews and crazy happenings in the world of tech. Listen and youll be in the know with Kim Komando!


  • Alexa IS listening to your conversations - 'Next-Gen TV' invades your privacy - Watch out for fake Uber, Lyft drivers

    12/04/2019 Duration: 28min
  • Did Saudis hack Jeff Bezos' phone? -- Chinese hotel uses facial recognition -- Apple behind on 5G phone

    05/04/2019 Duration: 27min
  • FTC catches illegal robocallers -- Check Apple Card's fine print -- 5G network could be hacker heaven

    29/03/2019 Duration: 20min
  • Facebook stores unprotected passwords -- The government may be watching your social media -- Ransomware gets personal

    22/03/2019 Duration: 29min
  • Major laptop battery recall catching fire -- Targeted ads coming soon to your smart TV -- Bogus Android antivirus apps

    15/03/2019 Duration: 21min
  • Facebook finally wants to protect your privacy -- Watch out for deep fake home listings -- Hackers steal from scammers who stole from you

    08/03/2019 Duration: 29min
  • Another exposed database reveals millions of records -- IBM apologizes for racially insensitive labels on job site -- Motorola confirms it’s releasing a foldable phone

    01/03/2019 Duration: 23min
  • YouTube pulls hundreds of channels after child exploitation outcry -- Get a registration number for your new drone -- All the highlights from Samsung's Unpacked event

    22/02/2019 Duration: 19min
  • Thousands of Android apps have been tracking you -- Amazon and Google want even more of your data through their smart speakers -- New internet challenge wants kids to go missing

    15/02/2019 Duration: 23min
  • Phone carriers may have sold more location data than first reported -- An online calculator predicts your chances for future kidney stones -- Amazon could be testing facial recognition on their sellers

    08/02/2019 Duration: 22min
  • Hackers passing around billions of leaked records -- Get healthy and earn an Apple Watch -- Con artists in the Instagram era

    01/02/2019 Duration: 16min
  • Startup allows men to “brainwash wives” through social media -- Doctor wins right to be removed from Google search -- Bank blamed for allowing scam

    25/01/2019 Duration: 17min
  • Collection #1 megabreach -- Nike self-lacing shoes controlled by app -- Amazon’s facial recognition sales vote

    18/01/2019 Duration: 16min
  • Crowdfunded Pong table a hit at CES -- New tech added to old coolers -- New iPhone feature makes spying easy

    11/01/2019 Duration: 19min
  • 3D-printed rib implanted in Bulgaria -- Rolling hotel rooms coming to highways -- This Facebook hack won't actually work

    04/01/2019 Duration: 14min
  • Trending Amazon Alexa setup app is a fake -- Now, they're hacking hot tubs -- Security cameras can be easily hacked

    28/12/2018 Duration: 19min
  • Robocalls exploded in 2018 -- Emergency patch for Internet Explorer -- Facebook won't stop sharing your info

    21/12/2018 Duration: 14min
  • Netflix working on instant replays -- California may tax text messages -- Amazon extends free-shipping deal

    14/12/2018 Duration: 15min
  • App can detect anemia with one photo -- Company hired to help with ransomware just paid instead -- Facebook made shady moves with user info

    07/12/2018 Duration: 15min
  • Millions exposed in another massive data breach -- One set of headphones wide open to hack attack -- Car crashed because driver was watching Netflix

    30/11/2018 Duration: 19min
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