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Coming to you from the Kiowa County Commons Building in Greensburg, is the Recycled Radio Show. Three guys (four if you include our producer) talk


  • Episode #18-Our Favorite TV Shows

    Episode #18-Our Favorite TV Shows

    18/07/2012 Duration: 01h59min

    Listen to Jim, Matt and Travis talk about their favorite television shows of all time, Recycled Headlines and "the Quiz".  Also listen as they discuss things they know nothing about and get ready to shift to "Planet Chad Productions" in the upcoming week.

  • Episode #17

    Episode #17

    04/07/2012 Duration: 02h04min

    Listen to Jim, Matt and Travis discuss this week in History, Recycled News Headlines and our "quiz"

  • Episode #16-KC Recap

    Episode #16-KC Recap

    27/06/2012 Duration: 02h01min

    Listen to Jim, Matt and Travis discuss the prior weekend trip to see The Stew Radio, go to KC and the debauchery that took place...along with Recycled News Headlines and the quiz.

  • Episode #15-My Little Pony

    Episode #15-My Little Pony

    20/06/2012 Duration: 02h13s

    Jim, Matt and Travis discuss the upcoming trip to Wichita and dinner with the Stew, the trip to KC and Recycled News Headlines...along with a quiz by Travis laden with My Little Pony and other kid's shows

  • Episode #14-The Duchess of Greensburg

    Episode #14-The Duchess of Greensburg

    13/06/2012 Duration: 02h07s

    Listen to Jim, Matt and Travis discuss the Recycled New Headlines, Jim's new car, a quiz and how we have Royalty in Greensburg.  Listen anytime at or