Poetry Of Life And Magic



Take a look at this poetic canvass full of the everyday, of failure and success, regrets and redemption, fear and courage through verse that will echo in your mind. With both short poems of rhyme and rhythm and insightful lyrical stories, the magic of life is explained and celebrated. These are poems that you will listen to again and again, both alone and with friends and family. OF LIFE AND MAGIC


  • Of Life and Magic - Introduction - Redemption

    Of Life and Magic - Introduction - Redemption

    24/02/2017 Duration: 04min

    In this first podcast episode, the poet Bruce Slater introduces his new book, Of Life and Magic. Bruce explains briefly why and how the first poem of the book was written, how it was born out of the fires of guilt and remorse that haunted him. He then reads the poem. Episodes to follow include additional poems from the book with brief and personal explanations. Of Life and Magic is currently available on Amazon.