Ghadar Now!



Ghadar Now! is an auditory intervention that allegedly digs up the root of modern human civilization, along with all the bacteria and fungus around it, and brews an indigestible cocktail for the consumption of first-worlds neoliberal guards.


  • Who is a Terrorist?

    Who is a Terrorist?


    Tenzin Tsundue exposes a terrorist. [Download Link] Transcript: I am a Terrorist. I like to kill. I have a horn, two fangs and a dragonfly tail. Chased away from my home, hiding from fear, saving my life, doors slammed on my face, when patience is tested pushed against the wall, battered, justice constantly denied, from that… Continue reading Who is a Terrorist?

  • Beyond The Carceral Regime

    Beyond The Carceral Regime


    Sex offender registries are yet another part of the carceral regime. But is this criticism unsubstantiated without detailing alternatives? [Download Link] This statement is part of many abolition statements published by the journal, Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. Read the original post here. Transcript: “Notes Against & Beyond Our Carceral Regime: Erica Meiners on Abolition,” a statement published… Continue reading Beyond The Carceral Regime

  • Whiteness Must Be Banished to History

    Whiteness Must Be Banished to History


    Racism is a touchy subject for white people. We found an antidote.   [Download Link] Read the full article at RaceBaitr. Transcript: Whiteness must be banished to history—to an other-space of that which is unknown and impossible. There is no way in which whiteness can move that is freeing or liberating for Black people, so… Continue reading Whiteness Must Be Banished to History

  • EP002: Charts, Maps and Kill Lists

    EP002: Charts, Maps and Kill Lists


    The second installment of Ghadar Now! is here hosted by our new, good-looking, Republican host Piyush Jindal! And this time we give you an extra fifteen minutes … for free! Featuring an interview with a British despot, a report on cutting edge science, a story of global proportions, and a dead woman’s will, your best… Continue reading EP002: Charts, Maps and Kill Lists

  • On Throwing Rocks

    On Throwing Rocks


    [Download Link] Excerpt from an anonymous submission on Conflict MN. Transcript: … But who defines what “violence” is? And who decided that being “peaceful” was not only the best strategy, but the only possible one? In short, the cops did, but the cops conceived as a mechanism. The police are really nothing other than a mechanism… Continue reading On Throwing Rocks

  • An Independent Cyberspace

    An Independent Cyberspace


    John Perry Barlow invoked the forefathers of the United States of Slavery to turn the tables on the US Government and other colonial institutions in this Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. Get your headphones, your rebellious mind and hang tight. [Download Link] Transcript: Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel,… Continue reading An Independent Cyberspace

  • EP001: Victims of Empire

    EP001: Victims of Empire


    The wait is over. The first episode is here! We start off with a bang, one that’s louder than the average drone strike. We bring you two stories from the heart of the Free World, and a report from its central nervous system. Your best news source delivers its best ever. [Download Link] Don’t forget… Continue reading EP001: Victims of Empire

  • It would be gayer, by Jesus!

    It would be gayer, by Jesus!


    While most of us trained to look away when someone asks for help, there are a few folks who imagine a world otherwise. A world where no one has to to live on a dollar. A world where everyone could live on food instead. Transcript: I felt sorry for the human race, for the stupidity…

  • A Hacker’s Manifesto

    A Hacker’s Manifesto


    Indoctrination was purposefully built into our current systems of education, propping up unjustifiable institutions of authority by engineering consent. But some young minds resist domestication. And some of those minds call themselves hackers.   Transcript: Another one got caught today, it’s all over the papers.  “Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal”, “Hacker Arrested after Bank…

  • The Decision to Feed the World

    The Decision to Feed the World


    “Hunger” by Adrienne Rich is about the persistence of desire in a world brutalized by heteropatriarchal militaristic imperialism. It is about resisting the Western mythology of independence in an attempt to find one another. [Download Link] Transcript: 1. A fogged hill-scene on an enormous continent, intimacy rigged with terrors, a sequence of blurs the Chinese… Continue reading The Decision to Feed the World