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Tuesdays 12pm pt / 3pm etSpiritual Diagnostics - Psychic Answers....Spiritual Solutions with Carol Dorian amp Co-host Justice WellingA long time student of pranic healing and crystal healing, Carol Dorian has earned a reputation as a psychic visionary healer. She is able to locate stagnant, unwanted energy and then also to assist in the removal of that energy. In this way, Carol relieves people of the pain they are harboring in their auras due to hereditary spiritual DNA and present-lifetime traumas. Known for diagnosing these issues quickly and effectively, Carol is passionate about helping people to move on from the negativity that is holding them back from the lives they could be living. She has devoted her life to this practice and continues to study the works of others and her own career up to this point. Carol has accrued 23 years of experience in the field, advising her clients both face-to-face and over the phone. Because she is sensitive enough that she can diagnose energy retentions through vocal vibrations, she never actually needs to make physical contact with her clients and does so only upon request for their comfort. She is a spiritual advisor on all matters, including love, health, and finance. Never one to underestimate what is possible, Carol is branching out into new areas of life all the time, still realizing the fullness and breadth of her own powers and capabilities. Carol studied pranic healing under the guru Ramesh Maharaj for three years in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan in India, and she studied under Master Shaman Enapay Chaska for eight years in Sedona, Arizona. In addition to these learning periods, she studied at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies and at Berkeley School of Metaphysics. Handling the mystery of life, Carol has the answers to the questions that others would call unknowable. The unknowable is where she lives, walks, and breathes.


  • Why Am I Not Manifesting?

    Why Am I Not Manifesting?


    Discover why after applying all of the right ingredients some of us are still not manifesting . We will talk about why, as well as how to activate our manifesting abilities as we identify and release what has been preventing the manifestation.

  • Divorcing your thoughts

    Divorcing your thoughts


    So many of us are committed to the chaotic self defeating inner dialogue within us in this show we will discuss discerning your self from your thoughts and ending The negative relationship between the two

  • Healing the spirit

    Healing the spirit


    Today we will be discussing how to identify and release The clogging imbalances that limit our innate capacity for joy and well-being.

  • How to heal your inner child

    How to heal your inner child


    healing the wounds of the inner child, discover how and why this is the place of both our early wounding and our most profound healing. Discover how to heal the inner child.

  • narcissist



    Tune in as Carol and justice discuss the spiritual and emotional effects of being involved with a narcissist . Learn spiritual and emotional freedom technique's to clear narcissistic residual from the aura.

  • Sexually transmitted energy (STE)

    Sexually transmitted energy (STE)


    On today's show Carol and Justice talk about sexually transmitted energies. How the Energy is contracted and how to filter and protect yourself

  • Spiritual PTSD

    Spiritual PTSD


    On today's show Carol and Justice talk about Spirirual Post- Trumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) how the aura retains certain energy and replays it. Tune in to hear about solutions and treatments for Spiritual PTSD

  • QampA Part 2

    Q&A Part 2


    On Todays show part 2 of Carol and Justice answer frequently asked spiritual questions of thier listeners they will cover a wide range of topics such as, meditation, soulmates, chakra energy, past lives and much more.

  • Divorcing your past 2

    Divorcing your past 2


    Consciously and unconsciously we bring the experience of our past relationships into our present relationships. Are we creating positive energy or negative energy? Is your past holding your present accountable? Is your lovers past holding you accountable? can it be changed ?

  • QampA



    On Todays show Carol and Justice answer frequently asked spiritual questions of thier listeners they will cover a wide range of topics such as, meditation, soulmates, chakra energy, past lives and much more.

  • Path and purpose

    Path and purpose


    What is our purpose? what path are we on? and is our path leading us to our purpose? On todays show Carol and Justice talk about your Path and purpose

  • LOVE



    LOVEon today show Carol and Justice will be talking about love, how to keep it how to break unwanted spiritual patterns, the cause and the repairing of stagnant or unwanted energy in our relationships, Breaking the cycle and finding your soulmate.

  • Receiving Your Solutions

    Receiving Your Solutions


    Are you ready to receive? Is your heart open to change? Learn how to open your energy field and receive the transforming love and healing you truly desire.

  • Correcting the Misdiagnosed

    Correcting the Misdiagnosed


    On today's show Carol and Justice talk about correcting your misdiagnosis. You may have been doing the wrong spiritual work or on the wrong path due to not being diagnosed properly. Listen and call in for the correct diagnosis and start your spiritual journey today.

  • Diagnosing Your Spiritual Condition

    Diagnosing Your Spiritual Condition


    Do you keep repeating the same patterns? Do you have blocked chakras? Uncertain of your relationship? Are you attracting negative energy? Are you living in your path and purpose? Is your life on pause? Discover how we can diagnose your spiritual condition and receive answers and solutions.

  • Anatomy of the Spirit

    Anatomy of the Spirit


    The structure of the mind body and spirit, how these portions of self work and function together. The understanding that the spirit is the conductor of our total well-being. Let's learn how to address our spiritual body to heal and renew our life.

  • How to mend a broken heart?

    How to mend a broken heart?


    So many of us have been through painful unwanted break ups , separations , divorces or disconnections. whether these disconnections are through our intimate love-life life , lack of connection to family members or loss . the heart may be broken or torn between holding on to memories of the past or moving forward into a positive future. Mending is accessible through the heart chakra.

  • Cutting cords

    Cutting cords


    Do you ever find yourself reliving the constant judgement or criticism of someone from your past? Are you experiencing constant memories concerning your past with a certain person or people? Do u feel bound by the pain of a past relationship? These are toxic cords that can be cut with the assistance of your higher self.

  • Karma type

    Karma type


    In order to transform and heal our karmic path and patterns we must understand the type of karma we are containing. Not all karma is negative. Even negative karma can be transformed into positive energy. Healing, transforming and shifting are at the core of every karma type!

  • Karma Wheel

    Karma Wheel


    We all have similar views on Karma , what goes around comes around , but what if it is not that simple? What if the good energy and effort you put in is not what you're getting in return? Let's discover how karma works and how to release it .

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