Rosemary Goes To The Mall



Welcome To Rosemary Goes To The Mall Dot Com!In the Spring of 2006, Rosemary had the brilliant idea of creating a giant sculpture made out of shopping bags from the Mall of America. Congratulating herself on her genius, she went to the Mall and started asking stores for bags, but they wouldnt give them to her without buying something. Thus began one of the most misguided adventures of her young life, as she slowly worked her way around the Mall, making purchases at every retail store but two (she lied to get the Eddie Bauer bag, and got weirded out at Daniels Leather). In the end, she made purchases at over 300 stores, returning (most of) those purchases bag-less on the following visit.Among her favorite items were the $100 Stella McCartney yoga mat, the gold lamé Puma gym bag, a super cute pair of Mia sandals from Macys, and a $300 pair of Prada sunglasses inspiring her alter ego, the lady with the Prada sunglasses to take over for a couple subsequent shopping trips. Other adventures included getting high at the oxygen bar and buying a $500 GPS system for her car at Radio Shack. She kept only the things she really needed, or were too cute to pass up, and she got stuck with a lot of dumb stuff from stores that didnt accept returns.In all, Rosemary spent $15,339.46 at the Mall, and she cant quite bring herself to publicly state the dollar amount of the purchases she kept. Her husband stopped looking at the credit card bill about 5 shopping trips in, citing increased anxiety and a tightness in his chest. Rosemary, having grappled with the shopping-related demons of boredom, guilt, anger, and exhilaration, is just really glad its over.


  • Epilogue


    25/07/2007 Duration: 18min

    18:25 minutes (4.61 MB)Rosemary attempts to make meaning out of her whole adventure, with little success. She returns to the Mall of America to meditate on the problem, and hits sales at H&M, Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic. She comes to the conclusion that the societal ramifications of shopping are complicated.

  • Episode 26

    Episode 26

    11/07/2007 Duration: 01h04min

    64:47 minutes (16.31 MB)Rosemary starts her last day of shopping at the Mall by picking up her new glasses at Pearle Vision. Armed with her new fabulous look, she takes on a whole string of fancy stores. A gold lamé Puma gym bag and an embroidered brown velour track suit bring her shopping adventures at the Mall of America to a close. As she arrives back at her starting point in front of Nordstrom, Keith arrives to help celebrate. At California Café, overlooking the roller coasters of the amusement park, Rosemary and Keith toast to the end of her epic journey. Total spent: $1317.04. Total returned: $997.50.

  • Episode 25

    Episode 25

    27/06/2007 Duration: 54min

    54:32 minutes (13.75 MB)On her second to last shopping trip at the Mall, Rosemary feels a strange mix of excitement to be done, and reluctance to finish, as she’s not sure what she’ll do with herself once this is over. After a fascinating discussion at Mobile Solutions as to their sales techniques, buying a bomber jacket at Abercrombie & Fitch meant for a teenager, and being sold expensive and inappropriate skin care products at Bare Escentuals, Rosemary ends the day with the realization that she has stolen two pens over the course of her shopping trip. Total spent: $609.56. Total returned: $586.14.

  • Episode 24

    Episode 24

    13/06/2007 Duration: 59min

    59:12 minutes (14.97 MB)Rosemary hits the homestretch, with her last visit to the 3rd floor. Maneuvering through hipster kids’ shoes, another oasis of Moose-related paraphernalia, a flag store, and a Western shop, Rosemary demonstrates her well-earned shopping finesse. After the momentous occasion of completing the 3rd floor stores, she treats herself to new glasses at Pearle Vision one floor down. Total spent: $682.10. Total returned: $236.36.

  • Episode 23

    Episode 23

    30/05/2007 Duration: 52min

    52:04 minutes (13.16 MB)Rosemary takes a trip to her pre-adolescent past in Spencer Gifts, but finds it filled with Miller High Life paraphernalia. Gingko Biloba at GNC, knockout brown satin pumps at Steve Madden, and Hummer brand cologne top the list for the day. Total spent: $259.46. Total returned: $155.24.

  • Episode 22

    Episode 22

    16/05/2007 Duration: 01h39s

    60:39 minutes (15.31 MB)As Rosemary makes progress towards the end of her long journey, today’s visit to the Mall is a blur of pre-teen and teen girl crap. After discerning that Hollister is a clothing store and not a night club, and daydreaming about having a little girl at Claire’s Club, she ends her day at Club Libby Lu, where she witnesses the horror of little girls in lipstick and diamond tiaras. Total spent: $330.64. Total returned: $290.44.

  • Episode 21

    Episode 21

    02/05/2007 Duration: 59min

    59:01 minutes (14.84 MB)Rosemary’s shopping trip starts out on a sour note when the fortune teller machine gives her a repeat fortune. She vows to stop visiting it, and she also vows to stop buying things for herself, and for her kids, who are getting ridiculously spoiled. Her resolve ends up in the toilet almost immediately, as she finds the pair of green Gravis sneakers at Journeys that she’d drooled over at Shi a few trips previous. Total spent: $363.65. Total returned: $276.68.

  • Episode 20

    Episode 20

    18/04/2007 Duration: 50min

    50:19 minutes (12.62 MB)Rosemary’s friend Clea comes to the Mall with her, with cash in her pocket, ready to buy. She wants to go to stores Rosemary’s already shopped at, so Rosemary gives in and puts aside her “real” work for the day. Swept up in the joys of female bonding over shopping for perhaps the first time in her life, Rosemary scours H&M, DSW Shoes and Nordstrom Rack in search of bargains, flip flops, and that wonderful something that will change her whole world. Total spent: $77.81. Total returned: $29.87

  • Episode 19

    Episode 19

    04/04/2007 Duration: 59min

    59:54 minutes (15 MB)Infuriated by a driver who cuts her off on her way into the mall, Rosemary is unable to shake off her fury. After eye-opening trips to QVC At The Mall and Build-A-Bear Workshop, she works her way through a fairly mundane bunch of stores. She faces down Sears and buys some camping gear, and finally relaxes over a sushi splurge at the end of the day. Her vibe is ruined again by a speeding ticket on the way home. Total spent: $235.26. Total returned: $149.67.

  • Episode 18

    Episode 18

    21/03/2007 Duration: 53min

    53:25 minutes (13.39 MB)Rosemary starts to have a little bit of fun today, for a change. She flirts with the idea of buying a $100 down pillow at Select Comfort, but settles for a $15 pillow cover instead; purchases a video surveillance system at Ritz Camera; and a pilates thingy to tighten up her abs at Champs. The only downer is Daniel’s Leather, where she gets locked into a depressing hard sell, and narrowly escapes – but without making a purchase or obtaining a bag. Total spent: $359.26. Total returned: $330.33.

  • Episode 17

    Episode 17

    07/03/2007 Duration: 54min

    54:44 minutes (13.7 MB)Depressed about the state of her finances, Rosemary begins her shopping today in a foul mood. Things start to look up at Vääse, where she buys a Chinese three-legged frog which the saleslady promises will bring her good luck and, more importantly, money. Her state of mind improves as she fulfills her dream of finally owning real beach towels at Marshall’s, experiences seven blissful minutes in an Aquamassage machine, and then finds a package of candy cigarettes at Sweet B. Total spent: $269.45. Total returned: $111.81.

  • Episode 16

    Episode 16

    21/02/2007 Duration: 50min

    50:26 minutes (12.66 MB)Rosemary discovers the unadulterated joys of pure oxygen at Oxynate, an oxygen bar on the 3rd floor of the Mall. Buoyed by waves of freshness, all she really wants to do is call everyone she knows and tell them about how awesome she feels. She forces herself to keep shopping, winding her way to Radio Shack, where, having lost all sense of propriety, she drops $580 on a Magellan Portable Auto Navigation System. Total spent: $705.67. Total returned: $640.49.

  • Episode 15

    Episode 15

    07/02/2007 Duration: 51min

    51:39 minutes (12.96 MB)Rejuvenated after hitting rock bottom her last few visits, Rosemary finds meaning today by shopping for the best value in each store. Successes for the day include five dollar sports bras at the Finish Line, socks for Evan with a one year guarantee against holes at Kids’ Foot Locker, and a ten dollar canvas bag at Bijou Bijou. Rosemary proves herself to be made of slightly weaker stuff at the Watch Station, where she purchases a $380 watch for Keith. She has her first flirtation with Gravis sneakers at Shi. Total spent: $772.89. Total returned: $738.24.

  • Episode 14

    Episode 14

    24/01/2007 Duration: 58min

    58:14 minutes (14.61 MB)Rosemary is completely, utterly sick of shopping. While an excellent parking space and a Hello Kitty waffle maker make for a promising start, she quickly gets beaten down by the bottomless kitsch of an endless supply of Minnesota themed stores. A discount Rolling Stones CD, an uninspired Swatch, and toy ray guns for the boys top the list of non-kitsch merchandise for the day. Rosemary is charmed by a velvet bag full of stones she buys at Outfitters. Total spent: $270.29. Total returned: $230.43.

  • Episode 13

    Episode 13

    10/01/2007 Duration: 57min

    57:33 minutes (14.46 MB)Rosemary can’t seem to get any momentum going on her first day in the second half of the Mall. Genuine fake diamonds at Diamonique, fashion tape at Glitz, and bath bombs at Basin all seem hum-drum, until she stumbles upon her find of the day: a shot shell toilet seat at Minnesot-ah! She sees her first good-looking man at the Mall at Johnston & Murphy. Total spent: $325.59. Total returned: $276.79.