Dj Omar Abdallah's Saturday Night Dance Party



Saturday Night Dance Party with DJ Omar Abdallah are the exclusive mixes heard first Saturday Night from 11PM - 2AM (eastern) at

Omar Abdallah is one of dance musics gentle giants. Modest and unpretentious as his personality dictates; however, on the decks he is a musical gargantuanbold, brave and assured. He comes from an era when vinyl was king and DJing was an art form not to be taken lightly. Omars distinctive DJing style makes him revered and rivaled among the most seasoned of DJ. A native of Newark, New Jersey, he came into the world surrounded by music. His grandfather owned a record store on West Kinney and... (read more)


  • Vanity #3

    08/06/2014 Duration: 06min
  • Vanity #2

    08/06/2014 Duration: 01h12min
  • Vanity

    07/06/2014 Duration: 01h19min
  • Dissension #3 (2014)

    06/03/2014 Duration: 01h18min
  • Dissension #2

    06/03/2014 Duration: 01h19min
  • Dissension

    06/03/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Dissension #4

    04/03/2014 Duration: 01h12min
  • Keep It Movin' #41

    01/03/2014 Duration: 01h19min