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We are Americans, armed to the teeth with opinions about soccer, or um, rather, football. We mostly discuss the EPL, but have no fear, the rest of the footballing world will not be spared of our opinions.


  • Homegrown – October 2016

    Homegrown – October 2016


    In the October episode, Dan, sans Jason, calls on Kyle Bennett of SB Nation to discuss and predict the outcome of the 2016 MLS Playoffs.  They round out with a small chat about NASL’s woes, and the future of USL. You can follow Kyle Bennett on Twitter at @kbjelly, and follow the Homegrown crew @Homegrownsoccer, @Socceryanks, … Continue reading "Homegrown – October 2016"

  • Homegrown – September 2016

    Homegrown – September 2016


    In the September episode, Jason has a long talk with good friend of the Pod, Sacramento Republic beat reporter for the Davis Enterprise, Evan Ream about his forthcoming book. The now former teacher and full-time sports reporter educates us on the history of Sacramento soccer, the birth of Sac Republic and the current whereabouts of Preki. You … Continue reading "Homegrown – September 2016"

  • Homegrown – August 2016

    Homegrown – August 2016


    Homegrown returns for it’s August episode with host Jason Sieira talking MLS statistical analysis with a regular guest from Possession with Purpose, Comcast Northwest Soccer City PDX and a number of other podcasts, Chris Gluck. Jason and Chris discuss trends across the league and roster construction. For the second interview, Jason has a short interview with … Continue reading "Homegrown – August 2016"

  • Homegrown – July 2016

    Homegrown – July 2016


    On this month’s Homegrown: Jason is in the hosting chair in the July 2016 episode and has three interviews. First is a talk with the editor of Dirty South Soccer, Rob Ursy, about the recent Atlanta United signings, covering a new franchise, and the direction of the club. Next is the newly minted United Women’s Soccer … Continue reading "Homegrown – July 2016"

  • Homegrown – June 2016

    Homegrown – June 2016


    On this month’s Homegrown: Jason talks officiating with a long time referee as she explains US officiating infrastructure, what goes into match preparation and recovery for weekend tournaments, and what fans misunderstand about officiating. At the end we posted a short talk with Raquel Rodriguez from several weeks back at her first professional home match. … Continue reading "Homegrown – June 2016"

  • Homegrown – May 2016

    Homegrown – May 2016


    On this month’s Homegrown: Dan DaRocha returns to the host chair after a 3 month hiatus, to join showrunner Jason Sieira in soccer ravings!  They discuss the maligned MLS referees and their penchant for handing out reds and getting calls wrong, USWNT player’s official complaint over pay disparity, and the growing NASL TV deals. They wrap … Continue reading "Homegrown – April 2016"

  • Homegrown – April 2016

  • Homegrown – Not-Quite-A-Preview for the 2016 NWSL Season

    Homegrown – Not-Quite-A-Preview for the 2016 NWSL Season


    On this month’s Homegrown: Jason Sieira has questions about the NWSL’s 4th season and Michael Minnch, Washington Spirit announcer,  and Ashley Nick, midfielder for Sky Blue FC, have answers!  Jason talks about the Spirits coaching change, roster outlook and calling NWSL matches with Minnich. Nick provides insight into the player’s side of moving clubs and off … Continue reading "Homegrown – Not-Quite-A-Preview for the 2016 NWSL Season"

  • Homegrown – March 2016

    Homegrown – March 2016


    On this month’s Homegrown: Jason Sieira and Kyle Bennett talk early impacts of Free Agency on the MLS season and whether the US-23 or USMNT should be the priority during the March International Break. Jason interviews Mark Fishkin, the creator and host of the Seeing Red podcast ahead of the show’s 250th episode. Remember to follow us … Continue reading "Homegrown – March 2016"

  • Homegrown – February 2016

    Homegrown – February 2016


    On this month’s Homegrown: Host Jason Sieira interviews Hal Kaiser, Keepernotes beat reporter for The Houston Dash.  They get into it about the NWSL and Olympic qualifying. Listen Here:   Download the Podcast Here! (Right click, save as) If you like this podcast please subscribe, rate, review, share, and comment.  Let us know what you think!