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Full audio recording of our meetup event for web professionals and enthusiast in web technology.


  • Webcamp KL #12 – The Holy Cow Moment

    Webcamp KL #12 – The Holy Cow Moment

    03/03/2012 Duration: 02h32min

    What do they say be careful what we wished for? Indeed we are in a big surprise when roughly 150 people showed up for the event and have outgrown the hall that we’ve started Webcamp from! All we can say is: Thanks for making Webcamp KL a smash! We wouldn’t be able to reach such […]

  • Webcamp KL on BFM Radio

    Webcamp KL on BFM Radio

    22/11/2011 Duration: 13min

    Finally! We are hitting mainstream! Webcamp KL was featured on BFM Radio today with an interview of the organizers, Wu Han and Seh Hui. During the show, we talk about how Webcamp KL got started, what makes Webcamp valuable and our mission to nurture a community of great people who are passionate about technology. Two […]

  • Webcamp #10 – Spirits of Diwali

    Webcamp #10 – Spirits of Diwali

    03/11/2011 Duration: 02h29min

    As luck has it, we had our Webcamp during Diwali: a festival of lights celebrated by the Indian community. While we do miss our fair share of murukku, we have a great lineup of speakers who were kind enough to spend time with us and share their expertise: Yam Tong Woo – My Blind Sight: How […]

  • Webcamp #9 – WCKL All-Stars

    Webcamp #9 – WCKL All-Stars

    02/10/2011 Duration: 02h02min

    What if you bring in all the most active members on the Webcamp KL Facebook group to give talks for the night? One word: EPIC! Yes, this month we have the all-stars lineup of experts and go on a full-on technical track, topics ranging from Google Analytics to blazing fast web development. Diving into this […]

  • WebCamp #8 for the Homeless

    WebCamp #8 for the Homeless

    04/09/2011 Duration: 56min

    The very thing that makes WebCamp KL awesome: rain or shine, WebCamp KL will go on – even on public holidays! Yes, while most Malaysians were celebrating our 54th Independence Day and Hari Raya, we’re really pleased that there’s a strong turnout and community bonding for this month’s event. (and having pizza and beer helps, too!) […]

  • WebCamp #7 – Pecha Kucha Night

    WebCamp #7 – Pecha Kucha Night

    30/07/2011 Duration: 01h35min

    In the spirit of WebCamp, we are always eager to try new things to spice things up. In this meetup, we are trying out two new formats: Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each) and Powerpoint-Karaoke (impromptu presentations on random slides). We are fortunate to have lots of brave first-timer taking up the challenge speaking […]

  • WebCamp #6 – WCKL ♥ Fluentspace

    WebCamp #6 – WCKL ♥ Fluentspace

    02/07/2011 Duration: 02h03min

    In this episode, WebCamp KL took a voyage from the mothership (aka MindValley’s Hall of Awesomeness) to Fluentspace – an newly established co-working space in Kelana Jaya. The team is really thrilled to be there – looking at the carefully designed interior to the people who decided to make it their sanctuary to get work […]

  • WebCamp #5 – The future web, today.

    WebCamp #5 – The future web, today.

    26/05/2011 Duration: 03h05min

    As Rapture’s not happening as predicted, what better time to imagine what the future might look like. With a massive boom in web technologies, Webcamp KL have invited great speakers to whip up their crystal balls and share their vision of the future. (despite their humble acknowledgment that they aren’t clairvoyant) The awesome lineup for […]

  • WebCamp 2² – Being an Awesome Underdog

    WebCamp 2² – Being an Awesome Underdog

    29/04/2011 Duration: 02h14min

    This month’s meetup was definitely one that would get everyone’s ears perked up as Aaron Chipper, CTO of Friendster came to give a talk. Most of us would fondly remember when Friendster is THE blazing hot social network in Asia and famously known to be plagued by crashes and performance issues before Facebook came in […]

  • WebCamp 三: Coworking Space + CouchDB + Commerializing Mobile = $$$

    WebCamp 三: Coworking Space + CouchDB + Commerializing Mobile = $$$

    02/04/2011 Duration: 02h03min

    It’s one month after one of the greatest WebCamp turnout, it does feel like it’s hard to top that record. But as happy WebCampers, it’s great to know that WebCamp is going strong one year after it first started. To wrap up the first quarter of the year, we decided to explore the recent trending […]

  • WebCamp α: Kickstarting 2011 with Your Startup

    WebCamp α: Kickstarting 2011 with Your Startup

    28/01/2011 Duration: 02h07min

    Happy new year! It’s 2011 and have you made new years resolutions for this brand new year? If you are in for a brave adventure and itching to hone your entrepreneurial dream, you’re in luck! We have the perfect lineup of three seasoned entrepreneurs who had shared their hard earned nuggets of wisdom to give […]