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Comedians Matt Fulchiron and Ryan Sickler team up with writer Radio Rando to discuss Maryland, the culture shock of Los Angeles, and the adventures of urban living.


  • The Crab Feast - 05/23/12

    The Crab Feast - 05/23/12


    The Crab Feast Final Word.

  • The Crab Feast - 05/07/12

    The Crab Feast - 05/07/12


    The Crab Feast streams LIVE right here on Mondays at 8pm PT.

  • The Crab Feast - 04/30/12

    The Crab Feast - 04/30/12


    Ryan & Jay welcome Nick Thune to The Feast. Nick tells a story about using the ladies restroom, Ryan talks about making his grandmother pee in a bucket & Jay takes his question to the fans. The Full Charge calls in.

  • The Crab Feast - 04/23/12

    The Crab Feast - 04/23/12


    Ryan & Jay welcome Ari Shafir to The Feast. Their travel stories include Ari getting bitch-slapped in Israel, Jay's underwear gets put on ice in Montreal, & Ryan plays topless Badminton in Belgium. The Full Charge calls in & shares an English wedding story.

  • The Crab Feast - 04/16/12

    The Crab Feast - 04/16/12


    Ryan & Jay Larson welcome Retta from Parks n Rec to The Feast. They talk Duke Blue Devils & Travel Stories. The Full Charge calls in.

  • The Crab Feast - 04/09/12

    The Crab Feast - 04/09/12


    Ryan welcomes comedians Tom Segura & Jay Larson. They discuss the state of the Crabfeast, favorite sports stories & the Full Charge calls in.

  • The Crab Feast - 04/02/12

    The Crab Feast - 04/02/12


    The Feast says goodbye to The Full Charge, the guys talk parties & Eric Wendell reviews Hunger Games.

  • The Crab Feast - 03/26/12

    The Crab Feast - 03/26/12


    The Boys talk about celebrity run ins, LA parties, car accidents, dildos, and pissing off "Biff" from "Back to the Future."

  • The Crab Feast - 03/19/12

    The Crab Feast - 03/19/12


    The Boys talk about South By Southwest, celebrity run ins, and being on set on a live porn shoot.

  • The Crab Feast - 03/12/12

    The Crab Feast - 03/12/12


    The Boys talk about private jets, nick names, and Road Rules with special guest Christina Pazsitzky.

  • The Crab Feast - 03/05/12

    The Crab Feast - 03/05/12


    The boys talk about stand up gigs, The House of Pain Riots, and Adolescent Hijinks with special guest Dwayne Perkins.

  • The Crab Feast - 02/27/12

    The Crab Feast - 02/27/12


    The boys talk about jury duty, drunken necking, police run ins, snakes, and beat downs.

  • The Crab Feast - 02/20/12

    The Crab Feast - 02/20/12


    The boys talk about rabbits & near death experiences with special guest Jay Larson.

  • The Crab Feast - 02/13/12

    The Crab Feast - 02/13/12


    The boys talk with Chris Pratt about door to door sales, acting, getting jacked by hippies, and defecating in public.

  • The Crab Feast - 02/06/12

    The Crab Feast - 02/06/12


    The boys talk about getting fired, their worst jobs, and Eric Wendell stops by to review "Haywire."

  • The Crab Feast - 01/30/12

    The Crab Feast - 01/30/12


    The boys talk about "laying down newspaper," getting into trouble at "The Club," and Wendell reveals he used to drive a car that couldn't pass inspection at the dump. Email the Show: or Tweet the Show: @thefullcharge

  • The Crab Feast - 01/23/12

    The Crab Feast - 01/23/12


    The boys talk about The Ravens Game, Valentine's Day, and Sports Stories with guest Jason Gillearn.

  • The Crab Feast - 01/16/12

    The Crab Feast - 01/16/12


    The boys talk about football, getting their asses kicked, and a real life car chase in New Jersey.

  • The Crab Feast - 01/09/12

    The Crab Feast - 01/09/12


    The boys talk about Football, 2012, Angelo Bowers, and Josh Adam Meyers calls in.

  • The Crab Feast - 01/02/12

    The Crab Feast - 01/02/12


    The Crab Feast streams LIVE right here on Monday at 8pm PT.

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