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  • Pam Andritsakis - Holdfast Bay Council

    Pam Andritsakis - Holdfast Bay Council

    16/04/2016 Duration: 54min

    After a longer than planned hiatus over summer the podcast is back, this time with Pam Andritsakis from Holdfast, where we hear all about the Council, progressing through her career, tips for starting a new job, how to dress at Unley, burying seals, and empowering Muslim refugees. Also, a reminder if you have any spare money for donations before the end of the financial year, please consider donating to Breast Cancer Research!

  • Brendon Lyons - Barossa Council

    Brendon Lyons - Barossa Council

    30/11/2015 Duration: 42min

    On this edition i have a brief chat with Brendon Lyons, and discover his rich experiences in travel and life, getting mugged by zombie horses from the walking dead, and that jokes in an interview is maybe frowned on!

  • Trevor Yeoman - Calibre Consulting Engineers

    Trevor Yeoman - Calibre Consulting Engineers

    22/10/2015 Duration: 01h17min

    In my second podcast i swap wine and a late night for early morning and caffeine - with much better results! I talk with Trevor Yeoman from Calibre Consulting who talks a bit about: How you can go from wanting to save the world with GIS to asset management, how to get your resume noticed, what not to do when line marking, and a few tales from more than a few continents! Thanks for listening - and let me know who you next want on the show!