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Welcome to the Cashflow Diary, where new and experienced investors come to take confident action towards their goals. Your host is a family man, a real estate entrepreneur, investor, coach and instructor. As a master facilitator of Robert Kiyosakis Cashflow 101 game, hes inspired many to begin their journey into creating cashflow for themselves and their families. Mr. J. Massey has nearly a decade of experience in the areas of financial services and real estate. He currently serves as President and Owner of West Egg Enterprises, Inc. and West Egg Properties, LLC, which together hold over 200 units of residential property. In the last 3 years, he has personally completed over 100 real estate transactions in 8 different states. Mr. J. Massey has proven to be particularly adept at the art of getting difficult deals completed and finding creative solutions to avoid potential deal-breaking problems. He has invested a significant amount of time studying and executing transactions in multiple markets using many different strategies. From these experiences, he has not only learned numerous useful lessons and techniques, but has also created profits for both himself and his investors. In addition, he has helped to beautify and improve neighborhoods and provide jobs and revenue to communities. Through his expertise, he has helped many people build their cash flow and wealth using real estate, both inside and outside of their retirement plans. Prior to real estate investing, his background was in insurance and financial planning as a licensed representative with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the California Dept of Insurance (CDI), and as a Registered Investment Advisor Representative (RIAR). However, he does not currently operate or hold any of these licenses. He currently functions as a landlord, lender, consultant, real estate developer, investment manager, speaker, author and mentor. In his spare time, Mr. J. Massey enjoys photography, reading and family activities with his 3 daughters, son, and wife in Orange County, California.


  • Contact Marketing Secrets: How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

    Contact Marketing Secrets: How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

    23/04/2020 Duration: 52min

    Stu Heinecke is the Hall of Fame “Father of Contact Marketing" and Founder/President of the Contact Marketing Agency and Cartoonlink, which helps sales teams break through using contact marketing solutions to produce critical contact with accounts and prospects. He is a longstanding senior cartoonist for the Wall Street Journal and the bestselling author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone: The Untapped Selling Power of Contact Marketing and the new book Get the Meeting!: An Illustrative Contact Marketing Playbook.  He hosts Contact Marketing Radio and the How to Get a Meeting With Anyone podcast, and is Co-founder of, a coalition of famed cartoonists dedicated to raising funds for charity, while raising the profile of the cartooning art form.   Podcast Highlights Who is Stu Heinecke?  The ability to get meetings with anyone is a kind of superpower. Every great thing that happens in our lives is due to having the right connections at the right time. Stu studied marketing at USC but cartooning

  • Creating Passive Income with Chris Miles

    Creating Passive Income with Chris Miles

    20/04/2020 Duration: 37min

    As founder of Money Ripples, host of The Chris Miles Money Show, and co-author of the book Entrepreneur on Fire, Chris Miles is a leading authority on quickly creating wealth by increasing monthly cash flow and creating passive income. He has shown hundreds of thousands internationally how to free up or generate tens of thousands of dollars each year! Chris has been featured in US News, CNNMoney, and and has a reputation for getting his clients fast, proven results.  Many of his clients have the option to retire in less than 5-10 years, and Chris himself was able to retire twice by age 39! Chris’s passion is helping entrepreneurs, and high-income employees become financially prosperous by finding and fixing their money leaks and creating passive income. Chris and his family live in Utah, but enjoy escaping to warmer weather during the winter months. In addition to helping his clients increase their cash flow, Chris is a talented ballroom dancer, choreographed ballroom dance routines for Utah Vall

  • Conquering Corona With Kyle Stanley

    Conquering Corona With Kyle Stanley

    16/04/2020 Duration: 36min

    Kyle Stanley is the host of the Fearless Flipping podcast where he educates new hungry real estate investors about best practices for getting started. We flip the roles into today’s episode with J being interviewed for Kyle’s podcast. Find out how J is conquering the coronavirus and adjusting his short term rental business to be even more successful than before.  Podcast Highlights How did you get to this point and what brought you into the short term rental business?  The keyword for J is cash flow, everything he’s done in terms of business is around generating an income without physically going to work. Due to some very challenging physical ailments where both J and his wife were unable to work and earn money, they needed to figure out a solution which is what led him to real estate. Everything he should have been doing should have been geared towards creating cash flow. The next two years were transformational for J’s business. He had no money, terrible credit, no way to earn an income, and was selling his

  • Protecting Your Assets In A Changing Marketplace

    Protecting Your Assets In A Changing Marketplace

    13/04/2020 Duration: 46min

    Let me introduce you to Scott Smith, a new breed of real estate attorney with a great sense of humor and a gift for simplifying the complex. His Austin startup, Royal Legal Solutions, has a different take on protecting your assets including real estate investments and already serves thousands of clients across all 50 states. As a former litigation attorney, Scott has a deep understanding of how lawsuits really work. More importantly, he is a real estate investor himself, with property in 10 states. Now he’s sharing his information with the world and is committed to helping other real estate investors protect their futures. Podcast Highlights   Who is Scott Royal Smith?    At the heart of it all, Scott is a guy that likes to solve hard problems and then show people the solutions he’s found. He can then connect with people in an empathetic way and help them make positive changes in their lives.  Spiritual development is very important to Scott, the biggest KPI that Scott focuses on is his sense of well being

  • Public Speaking Tips and Strategies with Jacqueline Nagle

    Public Speaking Tips and Strategies with Jacqueline Nagle

    09/04/2020 Duration: 45min

    With a diverse career crossing professional services, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, industrial relations Jacqueline has used  public speaking-centric strategies extensively to launch, pivot and manage both growth and crisis across all of those organizations. For 15 years Jacqueline has successfully trained consultants, professionals, business owners, executives and the C-Suite in public speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiating and positioning, before turning her attention more specifically to the craft of speaking in early 2017. Since then Jacqueline has worked with 100’s of emerging and established speakers across Australia and the USA. Jacqueline’s training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott) and Anglicare, and her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport Gold Medal Alumni Program in Canberra, and she has recently been awarded Certified Speaking Professional.   Podcast Highlights Who

  • What To Do When The AirBnB Business Changes

    What To Do When The AirBnB Business Changes

    02/04/2020 Duration: 36min

    Kyle Stanley is the host of the Fearless Flipping podcast where he educates new hungry real estate investors about best practices for getting started. Kyle is also a master with AirBnB and believes it's the best form of almost-completely-passive income in today's economy.  Podcast Highlights   Who is Kyle Stanley?    Kyle doesn’t like the term “serial entrepreneur”, he prefers the idea of FOCUS (focus on one course until success). Kyle had to make a lot of adjustments over his career based on his skills and what he enjoyed. Kyle started out as a sports anchor in Colorado for a local news station, started a sports videographer company, and moved into the MLM world where he got his first taste of the idea of passive income. In 2018, Kyle’s dad’s health took a turn for the worst and ended up in a hospice which led to Kyle slowing down and reflecting on what he really wanted to do with his life. He began to listen to podcasts on real estate investing and found the idea to really resonate with him which was how

  • This Is Your Defining Moment with Chad Peterson

    This Is Your Defining Moment with Chad Peterson

    26/03/2020 Duration: 41min

    Chad Peterson is an expert business broker and the founder of Peterson Acquisitions, an award-winning M&A firm. Chad’s firm handles transactions in the $1 million to $25 million range, with some deals exceeding $25 million.  He works with companies all over the United States and has completed international deals as well. Peterson Acquisitions was recently named by one publication as the #1 ranked business broker in the United States. What sets Chad Peterson apart from all other business brokers is his aggressive style, work ethic and tenacity that are rooted in his humble beginnings.  Chad Peterson is a self-made entrepreneur that has been in the trenches. He has started, built and sold 6 of his own businesses. Chad wrote the book “From Blue to White: A Working Man’s Guide to Self-Employment”. Best-selling author Scott Alexander of “Rhinoceros Success” wrote the foreword. He also wrote the book “Swinging Doors: A Guide to Selling Your Business” and is the host of the podcast:Business Brokers: Buying, Sell

  • GoodEgg Investments Founders Talk Real Estate Syndications

    GoodEgg Investments Founders Talk Real Estate Syndications

    16/03/2020 Duration: 51min

    Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam are the co-founders and managing partners of Goodegg Investments, a premier real estate investing company that helps people learn about and invest in real estate syndications (group investments).   They are both moms (Annie has 2 kids and Julie has 3) and are passionate about helping other families build passive income so they can spend more time with the people they love, doing the things they love, and living a life by design.  Podcast Highlights   Who is Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam?    Annie started as an elementary school teacher and after setting out to buy her first house with her husband she was exposed to the idea of house hacking. They purchased a row home, something pretty common in DC, and rented out the bottom portion to help pay down their mortgage. After that experience they started looking at investing in other properties out of state, and that later developed into property syndications and getting to know Julie in the process. Julie started investing in real

  • The Power of Mighty Networks with Gina Bianchini

    The Power of Mighty Networks with Gina Bianchini

    12/03/2020 Duration: 54min

    Gina Bianchini is the Founder & CEO of Mighty Networks. Her mission at Mighty Networks is to usher in a new era of creative business built on community. Mighty serves “creators with a purpose” selling experiences, relationships, and expertise to their members via community, content, online courses, and subscription commerce–all offered in one place under the creator’s brand.  Before Mighty Networks, Gina and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen launched Ning, a pioneering global platform for creating niche social networks. Under her leadership, Ning grew to ~100 million people in 300,000 active social networks across subcultures, professional networks, entertainment, politics, and education.  In addition to Mighty Networks, Gina serves as a board director of TEGNA (NYSE: TGNA), a $3 billion dollar broadcast and digital media company, and served as a board director of Scripps Networks (NASDAQ: SNI), an $12 billion dollar public company which owns HGTV, The Food Network, and The Travel Channel that merged wi

  • Jimmy Murray and the Power of Visualization

    Jimmy Murray and the Power of Visualization

    09/03/2020 Duration: 36min

    How do you house hack your way to financial freedom with hardly any money down? How do you build a best-in-class property management company? What is the best day to do a home inspection? What does it mean to be #rentready? Jimmy Murray has all the answers and he is ready to share them with your podcast listeners today.  Over the past ten years, Jimmy’s multifamily real estate investments have blossomed into a successful property management company, Lyon Property Management Group. An investor himself, Jimmy intimately understands the needs of an investor landlord. And that’s why Lyon Property Management is tailored to the multifamily investor.   Jimmy is also an investor educator along with Lyon Property Group co-founder Frank Patalano. Jimmy and Frank host a podcast called The Cashflow Kings where they have been known to pass out free golden nuggets of real estate wisdom.  Podcast Highlights   Who is Jimmy Murray?    Jimmy Murray was always a thoughtful kid but he also had an entrepreneurial tilt. Real est

  • How Much Money Can I Make With Short Term Rentals?

    How Much Money Can I Make With Short Term Rentals?

    05/03/2020 Duration: 45min

    We’re exploring the question that almost everybody considering short term rentals asks, how much money can you make with a short term rental unit? The answer may surprise you. We’ve also got a recent Roadmap student on the line to tell us about their experience in securing their very first units, and yes, that’s plural, as in multiple units their very first deal.   The Cashflow Diary Roadmap   J and the Cashflow Diary are dedicated to providing hands on and direct training to students that want to create their own six and seven figure short term rental businesses.  Members get access to hundreds of hours of content covering every aspect of building a short term rental business including cash flow, negotiations, operations, lead generation, seller financing, and more. Everything you need to develop the skills you need to become the bravest entrepreneur you can be. The content is one thing, but knowledge alone isn’t going to get you to your goals. That’s why the program is designed with hands on training and

  • The Short Term Rental Entrepreneur’s Roadmap To Mastery QA

    The Short Term Rental Entrepreneur’s Roadmap To Mastery Q&A

    02/03/2020 Duration: 02h01min

    You’ve tried reading a book and watching a video, you’ve also probably tried going to a couple conferences, and the trouble is that’s not enough for you to make transformational changes in your business. That’s why J developed the Cashflow Diary Roadmap program, to provide short term rental entrepreneurs the hands on training and accountability they need to succeed in this business. Questions and Answers   A question about wholesaling a property    Inside the wholesaling course within the app is enough information to walk through everything you need to know when it comes to marketing and closing a wholesaling deal. The more important point is that when you are on the path of becoming a short term rental entrepreneur, you have to stay focused on short term rentals. You’re not going to get the success you want by constantly being distracted by other deals and opportunities. You need to focus on achieving a specific result, and members of the Cashflow Diary Roadmap are held accountable to those results. If you

  • Move At The Speed Of Instruction QA

    Move At The Speed Of Instruction Q&A

    27/02/2020 Duration: 01h19min

    Humans don’t transform overnight. Most people can’t just read a book or watch a video and completely change their life immediately. You’re not going to be able to pick up a bunch of short term rental units right away. That’s the reason that J developed the Cashflow Diary Roadmap, the Roadmap is a program that combines an immense library of content and training and accountability coaching to make sure you achieve your short term rental goals. Questions and Answers     Moving at the Speed of Instruction    When you’re moving at the speed of instruction, you don’t have the time to question your capacity to do something. With a little bit of trust and follow through, you can accomplish more than you would believe is currently possible. Humans tend not to value as much as they should. If you want to achieve anything worthwhile, you need to be willing to fail. Fail frequently, and fail forward.  One of the things about schooling that prevents you from getting ahead is the belief that you must learn everything in

  • Short Term Rental Math and Your Magic Number

    Short Term Rental Math and Your Magic Number

    24/02/2020 Duration: 02h25min

    How would it feel to earn an entire year’s salary in only one month? When you understand the power of a short term rental business and crunch the numbers involved, the path becomes clear. J is going to break down everything you need to know about your Magic Number and how the Cashflow Diary Roadmap can help you achieve your business goals.   If your short term rental business magically tripled overnight, how much more time would you have to spend running your business?    If your answer is anything other than 0 extra time to deliver your service, you’re not operating as efficiently as you could. You’re not earning the highest revenue, or your expenses are higher than they need to be, or you’re investing too much of your time into delivering the service. With the right systems in place, you will be able to deliver more value to the marketplace without having to spend more time doing it. If the thought of your business tripling in 24 hours causes you anxiety around a particular area, that’s where the broken s

  • The Key Short Term Rental Systems That Allow You To Scale Your Business To Six Figures

    The Key Short Term Rental Systems That Allow You To Scale Your Business To Six Figures

    20/02/2020 Duration: 01h45min

    The short term rental industry is waiting for people like you who want to be professional operators delivering a high quality experience. The hardest way to do this business is to go through the first year with only one unit. Putting the right short term rental systems in place that allow you to grow past that point and start running more units is the secret to long term success. Learn what systems you must implement in your short term rental business.   Have you ever asked a traditional real estate investor or landlord about short term rentals?    A good analogy is imagining what a person who owns a Costco franchise or someone who owns a vending machine business. Each person will have firmly believe that what they are doing is the best option, but the Costco person probably thinks the vending business is too much work, and the vending machine owner thinks the Costco is too much money upfront. The traditional landlord is like Costco, they are wholesaling their property in 12 month terms. Short term rentals

  • Cashflow Diary Roadmap QA

    Cashflow Diary Roadmap Q&A

    17/02/2020 Duration: 55min

    Get the lowdown on the Cashflow Diary Roadmap program and how the program has been designed to get students to six and seven figure businesses as quickly as possible. Find out what makes the Cashflow Diary Roadmap different and how becoming a student in the next enrolment period could completely transform your life.   What is the difference between what’s offered to Cashflow Diary Roadmap students versus traditional students?    Cashflow Diary Roadmap students are the first to take advantage of the new Cashflow Diary app, a one stop location for training materials, networking opportunities, and additional features like a vendor marketplace. The app also allows us to bring on subject matter experts to provide help with specific areas. The app also connects Roadmap students to their accountability coach in a real time format.  There are also a number of assessments that your accountability coach will help you get through, all of them designed to help you become a bigger, better, badder entrepreneur and keep y

  • Getting Landlords To Say Yes

    Getting Landlords To Say Yes

    13/02/2020 Duration: 01h43min

    One of the unique things that you need to understand is that people do things for their reasons, not theirs, and their reasons make sense to them. Be careful about assuming that the way you think is the way that everyone thinks. When it comes to talking to landlords as a short term rental operator and getting them to say yes, there is a proven process that you can use to start the conversation and close the deal.   Why do you think that landlords want?    If you’re the one offering a solution to a problem, you’re in business. That means you need to understand the pain of the problem in order to make a sale/present yourself as the solution to the problem. If you’re not getting the answers from the people you’re talking to, it’s not the business model that’s broken, you’re probably just approaching the situation incorrectly. Many of us put off our pain until the last possible moment, landlords have pain too, you just have to understand what that pain is. When someone is in pain, they don’t care about a person

  • The Secret To Raising Capital From Investors

    The Secret To Raising Capital From Investors

    10/02/2020 Duration: 01h25min

    Do you want a six or seven figure real estate business that will actually allow you to retire from your job? Raising capital is a key skill you need to understand. The window of opportunity is wide open and there is more opportunity than you think in the short term rental business, now is the time to take action and get started.      Why would a landlord allow you to lease their property and make more money than them?    Landlords are in different places in their lives and the value different things, that’s what creates the opportunity for us. In fact, most retail businesses do exactly the same thing. The lease a location where they operate out of, in order to make more money than the cost of the lease. The principle is basically the same.     What do you believe investors are looking for? What does it take for investors to say yes to giving you money?   There are basically two things you need in order to get investors to say yes to you. Character and confidence. There are many different ways you can demo

  • Why Short Term Rentals?

    Why Short Term Rentals?

    06/02/2020 Duration: 01h25min

    When you understand the “why?” behind your business, it can often help you with the “how?” of your business. In this episode of the podcast J reveals the story of how he came to realize that short term rentals are perhaps the greatest opportunity for people getting into real estate investing in a very long time, but also why the window to take advantage of that opportunity is closing a little bit every single day.     The Power of Real Estate    Prior to getting into real estate, J and his wife went through some incredibly difficult times personally. His wife was unable to eat or drink due to a condition she developed while pregnant, and J suffered an injury where he punctured his lung which prevented him from walking and talking at the same time. His back was against the wall with no money and a terrible credit score, and that was when a friend recommended he look into real estate investing. At that point J’s best ideas are what got him into that position, which is something you should consider as well. Wh

  • The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Started In Real Estate

    The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Started In Real Estate

    03/02/2020 Duration: 01h42min

    We are talking about making short term rentals happen for you, making them easier and faster, bigger, better, and badder. If you feel the need to get started and need that extra push to make things happen, you can go to to finally build your business. J reveals the 10 things he wishes he knew before he got started in the short term rental business as well as answers a number of questions from the viewers. How many units does it take to retire?  When you’re in pursuit of an outcome, you may not know what the goal is. When people are getting started in real estate, they often have a dream of retiring but have no idea how many units they need to achieve that goal. If you want to know exactly how many short term rental units you need to retire you can go to to calculate your magic number. Is it possible to get my first unit in the first month? The most reliable answer is it depends. If you follow the program and do exactly what it says, you shouldn’t ha

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