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At Insight Brand & Marketing Studio, we dig beneath the surface to understand your brand because we believe wholeheartedly that your success relies on the ability to convey your brand, your values, to the market authentically and consistently. Thats when the magic really happens and why our services are so effective.


  • Emotions in the Workplace

    10/03/2016 Duration: 08min

    How do you manage your emotions in the workplace? It’s so important to understand who you are as a leader and recognize how you convey your emotions.

  • Collaboration Podcast Dec 15

    06/01/2016 Duration: 08min

    2016 is right around the corner, and we're here to encourage you to gear up and collaborate in the new year! Enjoy your vacation knowing that when it's time to go back to work, you can do so with an eye toward collaboration. Do more, and go further with your team of professionals!

  • Kick A** This Fall!!

    03/09/2015 Duration: 06min

  • Workplace & Culture

    05/08/2015 Duration: 17min

    Workplace & Culture by Insight Studio

  • Personal Branding

    13/01/2015 Duration: 07min

    Personal Branding by Insight Studio

  • Partnerships

    04/11/2014 Duration: 15min

    Entering into a business partnership really is like entering into a marriage – it has to be the right fit. Do you really know what you’re getting into? Do you share the same values? In this podcast we’re chatting partnerships, how we started ours and some things to keep in mind when starting yours.

  • Customer Service

    03/11/2014 Duration: 13min

    How do you foster a culture of good customer service? Well, first you have to figure out what good customer service is to you and your business. In this podcast, we touch on the customer service experience, what it looks like and why it matters.

  • Brand Rant

    03/11/2014 Duration: 09min

    A brand is a powerful thing, but do you really know what it is? In this podcast, we chat about the difference between a brand and a logo, personal brands, what it looks like when you’re living your brand and what happens when you don’t.