Red's True Barbecue



Follow the team behind Red's True Barbecue as they head out on their annual road trip Pilgrimage across the southern states of America. Listen to the meat & booze-fuelled 1500 mile journey whilst six men attempt to travel across five states eating barbecue four times a day, interviewing the country's most famed Pitmasters and meeting a few odd characters on the way. Let there be meat!


  • Episode 4: Reds True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Texas

    Episode 4: Red's True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Texas

    09/12/2014 Duration: 29min

    If you like beef, turn the dial to 10. The final instalment on the Red's Pilgrimage 2014 podcast - Texas: the true home of barbecue. Hear how the fattened for market road-trippers got on at the famous Snow’s in Lexington meeting 79 year-old Pitmaster Tootsie, and get ready for an audio delight coming from a two-horse town cattle sale plus the team's visit to BBQ Mecca, Franklin's. For your music pleasure, suck up road trip anthem tracks from UGK, REO Speedwagon, and Cutting Crew.

  • Episode 3: Reds True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Arkansas amp Texas

    Episode 3: Red's True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Arkansas & Texas

    26/11/2014 Duration: 38min

    If ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton has regular oral stimulation at a 'cue joint, this road-tripping group was gonna jump on it. Follow the team's pit stop in Arkansas at The Whole Hog, before a lengthy trip down to Dallas, Texas for a feast at the hotly tipped, Pecan Lodge, a craft beer masteclass at Four Corners Brewing Company and an interview with a professional eater, 'Moose'. Turn up the tunes from Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, Cake and Huey Lewis and the News.

  • Episode 1: Reds True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Kentucky

    Episode 1: Red's True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Kentucky

    13/11/2014 Duration: 31min

    Discovering the best, off the beaten track eateries takes insider knowledge. Cue a chance meeting on route to the airport with legendary muso David Gest to help shine a light on things. You'll also hear how the team at Red's got on sniffing out barbecue Mutton in Kentucky and supping Wild Turkey bourbon with master distiller Jimmy. Enjoy the soundtrack to the trip including The Ramones, Gas Light Anthem, Fast Ball and Saigon Kick.

  • Episode 2: Reds True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Tennessee

    Episode 2: Red's True Barbecue Pilgrimage 2014 - Tennessee

    13/11/2014 Duration: 31min

    If you're coming to Tennessee, you know you'll be trying the barbecue pork ribs and listening to some country music. In this instalment the team stop off in Nashville, home of country music, catch up with their BBQ Mum, Melissa Cookston from the Memphis Barbecue Company, check out a few of David Gest's recommendations and make a new friend, moonshine-loving 'Sleepy' James. Kick back to road trip anthems from Aerosmith, The Matte Gray Band, Jimi Hendrix, Anthony Hamilton and Oasis.