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An Independent Radio Broadcast, that covers the spectrum of what was to what is. The Rogue Researchers, Riding on the Rogue waves on Blogtalk Radio. Bringing you up to date information that changes daily within the world of Independent Research from around the globe.


  • The Rogue Researcher chats again with Jan Peter de Jong

    The Rogue Researcher chats again with Jan Peter de Jong

    24/04/2016 Duration: 02h04min

    Jan has followed a passion that he picked up while living in Peru for 14 years and that passion still is the Ancient Mysteries of Humanity, based on what he saw and heard in Cusco following the lead of researchers Alfredo and Jesus Gamarra among the many. Cusco is the Inca Capital, a town that must be much older than Inca time and has been more important in the far past than what you heard at school. Jan met Jesus Gamarra in Cusco when he was here working for a company out of Holland where Jan is from, Jan has worked with Jesus Gamarra since he left Peru many years ago. Jan also has been workingall the while on the investigations of Jesus Gamarra's late father  Alfredo Gamarra.? Jan's website is currently under reconstruction at this time but fully functional. Visit Jan on Facebook at Jan Peter de Jong and his Facebook page: Ancient Mysteries and his website is 

  • The Rogue Researcher burns some wood with the Ancient Agenda Team

    The Rogue Researcher burns some wood with the Ancient Agenda Team

    18/04/2016 Duration: 02h03min

    I chatted with Fred,JD and Jon the other night and will say I learned some things as they did also. USOKS are global and we try to make sense of the nonsense that surrounds us and the info and research they have done and presented from the Grass Roots as we do here in the roots, on our own. They have taken the steps forward to bring their research to the public so why don't you lend an ear and give this very inetersting connection to a past we are just beginng to realize and comprehend the depths of time the Beginnings we know existed.  Ancient Agenda introduction from their website:  We are a provocative new community website, disclosing never before seen information to our ancient past - thereby setting the history books right.  We welcome all with open arms to this quest to re-right our historical origins; we must stress however our research is on a professional level, therefore we ask everyone please keep posts and information relevant to our work.   We believe that our world

  • Rogue Researcher chats with Bruce Cunningham

    Rogue Researcher chats with Bruce Cunningham

    16/04/2016 Duration: 02h03min

    Due to an oversight and reminder that Daylight Savings Time (DST) on my part I blew the connection by an hour and missed the window for his show this week. Jan Peter de Jong and I have rescheduled for next week, I have made sure I heve taken DST into consideration for future shows. (WTF is up with DST anyway?)Fortunately Bruce Cunningham and I had pre-Recorded a show last night for the weekend.  I will keep the show going by introducing Bruce to the USOKS followers and listeners.Bruce is the Founder and Director of Ancient Mysteries International LLC based in Ft Wayne, Indiana & Cebu,Philippines. Bruce has organized many Conferences in the US with Keynotes such as Michael Cremo and Sam Osmanagich and several Tours in SE Asia to ancient sites such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Gunung Padang in Java, Indonesia. His primary focus is SE Asia & the Pacific ancient Sites arena.I really enjoyed this chat, the only thing missing was the crackling of the fire. Also I want to add, Bruce Cunningham is also the P

  • The Three Amigos Ride again and again

    The Three Amigos Ride again and again

    17/01/2016 Duration: 01h54min

    Anne and I were honored by our journey with these two researchers into the theories of Alfredo Gamarra and our treks over the sites in the Sacred Valley in Cusco. Cusco is not only the name of the town that Sacsayhuaman and Koricancha is located, Cusco is the name for the Department or State that the Sacred Valley is located in also. This is one of many Campfires we will be having with Jan over the course of the next year designed to bring the researchers a better image of the past worlds and how to see them. Thanks for joining in and continue to see the research from the individuals in the Grass Roots. Bob NewtonThe Rogue Researcher

  • The Three Amigos ride the Rogue Waves again

    The Three Amigos ride the Rogue Waves again

    11/09/2015 Duration: 01h15min

    In this episode of our search for Mu Annie and I have our good frend and fellow research partner, Jan Peter de Jong with us riding the waves. We haven't had a Campfire Chat in a very long time and we are overdue for a session around the peaceful crackling of the fire. We will be discussing our pieces of this Alternative view of our past and reveal layers of our past that go so deep we can't measure them. We can see them and there is one place on the planet that far exceeds any other on it with mystery, upon mystery, upon mystery and that is Peru. Sit back and enjoy the ride. (There was th typical skipping here and there but we diid connect with Jan long enough to have a good chat.)