Last Stop To Nowhere



The Australian history you never learnt at school. Hear about the complications of Australias past: the unsavory, the humorous and the downright perplexing. Hosted by Michael Sloan and Kyle Sherer


  • The Ides of March: Part 3

    The Ides of March: Part 3

    13/11/2018 Duration: 58min

    The Ides of March: Part 3 Henry Parkes has won. Prince Alfred’s would-be assassin, Henry O’Farrell, is dead. The only problem is that he wasn’t a Fenian. After the execution, Parkes is forced to use every trick in the book...

  • The Ides of March: Part 2

    The Ides of March: Part 2

    12/11/2018 Duration: 44min

    The Ides of March: Part 2 Convinced that the Fenian Brotherhood is operating in Australia, and was behind the attempt to assassinate Prince Alfred at Clontarf, Sir Henry Parkes starts his own police squad — nicknamed “Parkes’s bloodhounds” — to...

  • The Somerton Man

    The Somerton Man

    10/11/2018 Duration: 56min

    The Somerton Man 1948: An unidentified man is found poisoned on a beach in South Australia against the backdrop of Russian spy rings operating in Australia, the formation of ASIO, and secret British weapons tests at Woomera.

  • Cloak  Dagger 1: Aum Shinrikyo

    Cloak & Dagger 1: Aum Shinrikyo

    08/11/2018 Duration: 58min

    Cloak & Dagger 1: Aum Shinrikyo In April 1993, members of the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo moved to an isolated farm in Western Australia where they established a chemical weapons factory in preparation for a Sarin gas attack on...

  • New Australia

    New Australia

    05/11/2018 Duration: 01h08min

    New Australia What happens when 238 settlers described as the “misfits, failures, and malcontents of the left wing of Australian democracy” leave Australia in the aftermath of a brutal shearers strike and attempt to found a socialist utopia in the...

  • Wreck of the Batavia (Part 2)

    Wreck of the Batavia (Part 2)

    04/11/2018 Duration: 56min

    While Jeronimus Cornelisz reigns over the wreck survivors on a tiny island, Pelsaert and Jacobsz are stuck with each other in a tiny boat on the way to Indonesia. Cornelisz knows that if the authorities are told about the wreck,...

  • Wreck of the Batavia (Part 1)

    Wreck of the Batavia (Part 1)

    03/11/2018 Duration: 01h08min

    In the mid-17th century, when an unmapped Australia was still only known as Terra Australis Incognita, a Dutch East India Company vessel wrecked off the West coast, only days before mutineers could seize the ship in a bloody uprising. The...

  • The New Guard (Part 2)

    The New Guard (Part 2)

    02/11/2018 Duration: 58min

    In part 2 we’re almost ready for the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge but dissent is making its way through the New Guard while Jack Lang’s success as Premier continues to haunt Eric Campbell. Around the world, fascists are...

  • The New Guard (Part 1)

    The New Guard (Part 1)

    01/11/2018 Duration: 57min

    It’s 1932 in Sydney: The Harbour Bridge is almost complete after nine years and the whole country continues to struggle with the economic disaster of the previous decade. But for well-heeled Sydney lawyer and ex-WWI officer Eric Campbell, the biggest...